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Teaching Awards

Jonathan Hughes Prize for Excellence in Teaching Economic History

The annual Jonathan Hughes Prize is awarded to recognize excellence in teaching economic history (both at the undergraduate and graduate levels).

Jonathan Hughes was an outstanding scholar and a committed and influential teacher of economic history. The prize includes a $1,200 cash award. The winner is selected by the EHA Committee on Education and Teaching.


The Committee on Education of the Economic History Association invites nominations for the 30th annual Jonathan Hughes Prize for Excellence in Teaching Economic History. Letters of nomination should state what qualities of excellence the candidate’s teaching of economic history has embodied. The strength of the nominating letter will be the primary basis for selecting the pool of finalists for the prize. After arriving at a short list of finalists, the committee will gather further supporting information. Anyone is eligible to write a letter of nomination.

Letters of nomination should be sent to the following:

Committee Chair:

Professor Kirsten Wandschneider
Economics Department & Department of Economic & Social History
University of Vienna

Andy Seltzer
Department of Economics
Royal Holloway, University of London

Professor Kara Dimitruk
Department of Economics
Hamilton College

Congratulations to the 2023 Jonathan Hughes Teaching Prize

Carol Heim, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Jonathan Hughes Prize Recipients

2023 Carol Heim University of Massachusetts, Amherst
2022 Gregory Clark University of California, Davis
2021 Jari Eloranta University of Helsinki
2020 Anne McCants MIT
2019 Joel Mokyr Northwestern University
2018 Howard Bodenhorn Clemson University
2017 Nicholas Crafts University of Warwick
2016 Frank Lewis Queens University
2015 Price Fishback University of Arizona
2014 David Weiman Barnard CollegeColumbia University
2013 Stephen Haber Stanford University
2012 Eugene White Professor of Economics, Rutgers University
2011 Ann Carlos University of Colorado
2010 Colleen Callahan American University
2009 Kenneth Sokoloff University of California, Los Angeles (awarded posthumously)
2008 Pamela Nickless University of North Carolina, Asheville
2007 Peter Lindert University of California, Davis
2006 Kerry Odell Scripps College
2005 Larry Neal University of Illinois
2004 Daniel Barbezat Amherst College
2003 Charles Feinstein All Souls College, Oxford University
2002 Barry Eichengreen University of California, Berkeley
2001 Carolyn Tuttle Lake Forest College
2000 Jeffrey Williamson Harvard University
1999 Robert Whaples Wake Forest University
1998 Robert Gallman University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1997 Martha Olney University of California, Berkeley
1996 Henry Gemery Colby College
1995 William Parker Yale University
1994 Douglass North Washington University