Dissertation Awards

Dissertation Awards

Alexander Gerschenkron and Allan Nevins Prizes

The Nevins and Gerschenkron prizes are awarded annually for the best dissertations on North-American and non-North-American topics completed during the previous year. Six finalists, three for each award, are chosen to present dissertation summaries at the Association’s annual meetings each fall. Finalists will receive funds to defray travel expenses and award recipients receive a cash prize.

Scholars submitting a dissertation may not in the same year submit a proposal to the general program that is part of or derived from the dissertation.  On an exception basis, the Association will allow a two-year window following thesis completion for submission.

Alexander Gerschenkron Prize

The Alexander Gerschenkron Prize is awarded for the best dissertation in the economic history of an area outside of the United States or Canada completed during the preceding year. The 2024 prize will be awarded at the Economic History Association’s annual meeting.

Scholars submitting a dissertation for the dissertation and prizes for the 2024 Economic History Association meeting may not submit a proposal for the general program that is part of or derived from the dissertation.


  • Those who received their Ph.D. between June 1, 2023 and May 31, 2024 are eligible and invited to submit their dissertation for consideration.
  • All candidates for these prizes must be members of the Economic History Association. 
  • Dissertations submitted for consideration must be in English.
  • Submission of a dissertation implies that candidates are prepared to attend the 2024 meeting. 
  • Presentation of a dissertation summary is required by all finalists.


To be considered for this prize, completed dissertations must be submitted by email on or before May 31, 2024. Submissions of more than 5MB should prepare to send a download link rather than an attachment.


Please send submitted dissertations to:
Patrick Wallis at

All submissions will be acknowledged by return email.

Notices announcing the selection of finalists will be sent to all candidates by July 15, 2024.

Congratulations to the 2023 Alexander Gerschenkron Prize Winner

Lukas Rosenberger

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, and the Knowledge Economy: Essays in (Macro-)Economic History

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Alexander Gerschenkron Prize Recipients

2023 Lukas Rosenberger Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, and the Knowledge Economy: Essays in (Macro-)Economic History Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
2022 Hanzhi Deng Fudan University A History of Decentralization: Fiscal Transitions in Late Imperial China, 1850-1911_ London School of Economics
2021 Emiliano Travieso Barris Carlos III University of Madrid Resources, Environment, and the Rural Development in Uruguay, 1779-1993 University of Cambridge
2020 Robin John Charles Adams Queens University Belfast Shadow of a Taxman: How and by whom was the Republican Government financed in the Irish War of Independence (1919-1921) Oxford University
2019 Yuzuru Kumon University of Bocconi Rich Europe, Poor Asia: How Wealth Inequality, Demography and Crop Risks Explain the Poverty of Pre-Industrial East Asia, 1300-1800 University of CaliforniaDavis
2018 Eric Prawitz On the Move: Essays on the Economic and Political Development of Sweden Stockholm University
2017 Michela Giorcelli Economic Recovery and the Determinants of Production and Innovation: Evidence from Post-WWII Italy Stanford University
2016 Reka Juhasz Temporary Protection, Technology Adoption and Economic Development London School of Economics
2015 Jose-Antonio Espin-Sanchez The Illiquidity of Water Markets Northwestern University
2014 Tyler Beck Goodspeed Essays in British Financial History Harvard University
2013 Eric Monnet French Monetary Policy and Credit Control, 1945-1975 Paris School of Economics and EHESS
2012 Christian Dippel Essays in International Political Economy University of Toronto
2011 Olivier Accominotti Foreign Exchange Reserves, Financial Instability and Contagion: Three Essays on the Great Depression Institut Politiques de Paris
2010 James Fenske Property Rights in Rural West Africa: Causes and Consequences Yale University
2009 Roman Studer Market Integration and Economic Development: A Comparative Study of India and Europe, 1700-1800 Oxford University
2008 Amilcar Eduardo Challu Grain Markets, Food Supply Policies, and Living Standards in late Colonial Mexico Harvard University
2007 Steven Nafziger Communal Institutions, Resource Allocation, and Russian Economic Development: 1861-1905 Yale University
2006 Ran Abramitsky The Limits of Equality: An Economics Analysis of the Israeli Kibbutz Northwestern University
2005 Drew Keeling The Business of Transatlantic Migration between Europe and the USA, 1900-1914 University of California, Berkeley
2004 Tracy K. Dennison Economy and Society in Rural Russia: The Serf Estate of Voshchazhnikovo University of Cambridge
2003 Petra Moser Determinants of Innovation: Evidence from Nineteenth-Century World Fairs University of California, Berkeley
2002 Graciela Mrquez The Political Economy of Mexican Protectionism, 1868-1911 Harvard University
2001 Eona Karakacili Peasants, Productivity and Profit in the Open Fields of England: A Study of Economic and Social Development University of Torontounder
2000 Aurora Gomez-Galvarriato Freer The Impact of Revolution: Business and Labor in the Mexican Textile Industry, Orizaba, Veracruz, 1900-1930 Harvard University
1999 Chiaki Moriguchi The Evolution of Employment Systems in the United States and Japan, 1900-1960: A Comparative Historical and Institutional Analysis Stanford University
1998 Hal Hansen Caps and Gowns: Historical Reflections on the Institutions that Shaped Learning for Work in Germany and the United States, 1800-1945 University of Wisconsin