Publication Awards

Publication Awards

Alice Hanson Jones Biennial Prize

The Alice Hanson Jones Biennial Prize is awarded every other year for an Outstanding Book on North American Economic History.


The Alice Hanson Jones Prize for an outstanding book in North American (including Caribbean) economic history will be presented at the Association’s annual meeting in September of 2024. This $1,200 prize is awarded biennially and alternates with the Gyorgi Ranki Prize for a book in European economic history.

Eligibility and Nominations:

  • Only books published in English during 2022 or 2023 are eligible for the 2024 prize.
  • The author need not be a member of the Association.
  • Authors, publishers, or anyone else may nominate books.
  • Authors or publishers should send a copy of the book, plus a curriculum vitae of the author(s), with current information on addresses and telephone numbers, to each member of the committee.

Selection Committee:

Professor Andrew A. Bossie
262 22nd St
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Professor Ariell Zimran
Department of Economics
Vanderbilt University
VU Station B #351819
2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville, TN 37325

Professor Alan Dye
Department of Economics
Barnard College
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

Professor Katherine Eriksson
Department of Economics
University of California, Davis
1 Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616

Professor Taylor Jaworski
Department of Economics
University of Colorado, Boulder                                                                                  Smith Institute for Political Economy & Philosophy
Chapman University
Wilkinson Hall 205
1 University Drive
Orange, CA 92866

Congratulations to the 2022 Alice Hanson Jones Biennial Prize Winner

Robert Gallman, Paul Rhode, and Zorina Khan shared the Alice Hanson Jones Biennial Prize for Outstanding Book in North American History.

Alison Hanson Jones Prize Past Recipients

2022 Robert Gallman and Paul Rhode Capital in the Nineteenth Century Chicago University Press, 2019
Zorina Khan Inventing Ideas: Patents, Prizes, and the Knowledge Economy Oxford University Press, 2020
2020 Benjamin Sidney Michael Schwantes The Train and the Telegraph: A Revisionist History Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019.
2018 Leah Platt Boustan Competition in the Promised Land: Black Migrants in Northern Cities and Labor Markets Princeton University Press
Douglas Irwin Clashing Clashing over Commerce: A History of U.S. Trade Policy University of Chicago Press
2016 Barry Eichengreen Hall of Mirrors: The Great Depression, The Great Recession, and the Uses-and Misuses-of History Oxford University Press 2015
2014 Gavin Wright Sharing the Prize: The Economics of the Civil Rights Revolution in the American South Harvard University Press, 2013
2012 Alexander J. Field A Great Leap Forward: 1930s Depression and US Economic Growth Yale University Press, 2011
2010 Alan Olmstead and Paul Rhode Creating Abundance: Biological Innovation and American Agricultural Development Cambridge University Press, 2008
2008 Carlos Marichal Bankruptcy of Empire: Mexican Silver and the Wars between Spain, Britain, and France, 1760-1810 Cambridge University Press, 2007
2006 B. Zorina Khan The Democratization of Invention; Patents and Copyrights in American Economic Development, 1790 1920 Cambridge University Press, 2005
Werner Troesken Water, Race and Disease The MIT Press, 2004
2004 Allan H. Meltzer A History of the Federal Reserve University of Chicago Press, 2004
2002 Gloria Main People of a Spacious Land Harvard University Press, 2001
2000 Dora Costa The Evolution of Retirement: An American Economic History, 1880-1990 Chicago UP, 1998
1998 Lance Davis, Robert Gallman, and Karen Gleiter Pursuit of Leviathan