Graduate Student Travel Subsidies


Graduate Student Travel Subsidies

EHA-Funded Travel Subsidies

Graduate students planning to attend the EHA conference are eligible for travel subsidies funded by donations to the EHA Graduate Student Initiative.

If you are a graduate student on the program, as an author and/or presenter, you are eligible for travel subsidies. You will receive these in the form of three nights at the conference hotel in single-occupancy rooms. The hotel reservations will be made by the meeting’s coordinator, so you must follow the instructions below to ensure that the meeting coordinator will contact you to get your arrival and departure dates. To receive the travel subsidies, you must be a student and an active EHA member at the time of the conference.

If you are on the program as an author of a paper or presenting a poster or dissertation, please email EHA Meeting Coordinator, Jeremy Land, to make yourself known. There is no formal application, but reaching out is crucial. 

If you are a graduate student who is not presenting or on the program in any way, you can email the meeting coordinator to put your name on a list for any available hotel rooms that are not used by the above graduate students. We occasionally have room for a handful of non-participating students to receive free hotel rooms.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Land (