Membership Overview


EHA Membership Advantage

Joining the Economic History Association (EHA) can be a rewarding experience for individuals interested in the field of economic history.

Networking opportunities

The EHA provides a platform for connecting with scholars, researchers, and professionals in the field of economic history. By joining, you gain access to a community of individuals who share your interests, which can lead to collaborations, mentorships, and valuable connections.

Access to research and resources

The EHA offers various resources, including access to research papers, publications, and conferences. Being a member gives you the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest developments and advancements in economic history to further your fascination with this subject.

Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Engagement

Economic history is an interdisciplinary field that intersects with economics, history, sociology, and other disciplines. Engage with scholars from different backgrounds, fostering collaboration and promoting interdisciplinary research, which often leads to innovative and impactful work.

stay informed and contribute to the field

By joining the EHA, you gain access to our publications, including the JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC HISTORY that is published quarterly. 

This enables you to stay informed about the latest research findings and contribute to the field through your own research and publications.

Academic Recognition

Being affiliated with a reputable professional association like the EHA adds credibility to your work and can enhance your academic profile. It demonstrates your commitment to the field and showcases your involvement in a community of esteemed scholars.

Opportunities for teaching and mentoring

EHA offers opportunities to engage in teaching and mentoring activities. You can participate in mentoring programs, contribute to educational resources, or even organize workshops to share your knowledge and expertise with aspiring economic historians.

Influence policy and Public Discourse

The EHA provides opportunities for professional growth and development.

Sense of belonging and community

The EHA provides opportunities for professional growth and development.

Professional Development

The EHA provides opportunities for professional growth and development.

Grants and Funding Opportunities

EHA resources can support your research endeavors and help you advance your career in the field.