Data Awards

Data Awards

Gallman-Parker Prize

The EHA Committee on Research Archives and Databases invites nominations for the Gallman-Parker Prize for creating, compiling, and sharing data and information with scholars over the course of a career. 

  • The Prize will be awarded in odd numbered years for lifetime contributions made to the construction, maintenance, and dissemination of data.
  • The data must be publicly available.
  • The Prize will be awarded to individual recipients, not organizations or groups. (A Prize can be awarded for a group effort if an individual outstanding contributor can be identified.)
  • The recipient must still be living at the time of the vote.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: February 28, 2025

Nominations, along with a brief explanation of the data set, its significance, and its dissemination, should be sent to:


Congratulations to the 2023 Gallman-Parker Prize Winner

Price Fishback, University of Arizona

Gallman-Parker Prize Recipients

2023 Price Fishback University of Arizona
2021 Steven Ruggles
2019 Peter Lindert University of California
2017 Michael Haines Colgate University