The Board of the EHA has decided to move the September 11-13, 2020 Conference online and invites you to participate. The increasing uncertainty about whether the Pittsburgh Conference venue would be open and how many people would be willing (due to COVID-19 considerations) and able (due to the withdrawal of travel funds by universities) convinced the Board that it would serve the profession better to move from an in-person Conference in Pittsburgh to a virtual format that is accessible everywhere.

The online format will preserve the opportunities for established scholars, new scholars, and students to showcase their research and gain invaluable feedback. The program will remain the same and invitations will soon be sent out for chairs and discussants. Awards of Prizes and the Presidential Address will be featured. The casual conversations that often spur new collaborative work will take place by email and phone—no masks required.

More information about the meetings will be sent to you and posted on in the coming weeks. So, keep the September 11-13, 2020 dates marked on your calendars!

Best wishes, Stay healthy

Hugh Rockoff

EHA President