The Economic History Association would like to thank the following for their generous contributions to the association and its initiatives during the 2016-2017 fiscal year.  Contributions are used to fund the various prizes, grants and fellowships awarded by the EHA, as well as provide funds to sponsor the participation of graduate students at the annual conference.  If you would like to donate, please visit


2016-2017 Donors

Joseph Algaier
All UC Group
Eric Almquist
Lee and Mary Alston
Vellore Arthi
Jeremy Atack
Daniel  Bogart
Stephen Broadberry
John Brown
Louis Cain
Charles Calomiris
Michael Cerneant
David Clingingsmith
Peter Coclanis
Lisa Cook
Metin Cosgel
Mary Cox
The James Edward Curtis Jr Education Foundation
Joseph Da Silva
David Dotson
Michael Dowell
Alan Dye
Stanley Engerman
Joseph Ferrie
Daniel Fetter
Caroline Fohlin
Carola Frydman
Rob Gillezeau
Hugh Goldsmith
Michael Haines
Magdalene Halasz
William Hanlon
Mary Hansen
Joshua Hausman
Eric Hilt
Michael Huberman
Indiana University
Denis Ivanov
Andrew Jalil
Taylor Jaworski
Reka Juhasz
William Kennedy
Nikolay Khan
Jongheuk Kim
Naomi Lamoreaux
Eric Lampe
Jonathan Liebowitz
Peter Lindert
LI  Ling-Fan
Gloria Main
Gail Makinen
Noel Mauer
John McCusker
David Mitch
Petra Moser
Larry Neal
Pamela Nickless
Gregory Niemesh
John Parman
Edwin Perkins
Roger Ransom
Gary Richardson
Hugh Rockoff
Mary Tone Rodgers
Elyce Rotella
Nayalia Rozinskaya
David Ryden
Geraldine Semanski
Carol Shiue
Fred Smith
Ann Sokoloff
Richard Steckel
Almos Tassonyi
Richard Tilly
Gail Triner
Carolyn Tuttle
Jessica Vechbanyongratana
Sharon Waite
Simone Wegge
Thomas Weiss
Warren Whatley
Susan Wolcott
Gavin Wright
Ben  Zamzow
Ariell Zimran


*This list contains the name of donors making donations from August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017