Complete the following to apply for a 2024 Dissertation Fellowship

Students with approved topics and making progress towards completion are eligible for Dissertation Fellowships. Funds awarded during this application cycle are intended for use during the 2024-25 academic year. Applicants must be members of the Association, and dissertation fellowships are not renewable. Students at early stages of dissertation development are not eligible for fellowship support.

Document Uploads
Please upload a pdf of your CV.
Please upload a 5-page description of the dissertation topic, describing the work to date, and including a brief bibliography in pdf format.Please note that where the application asks for a 5 page project description, this is to be double spaced with at least one inch margins on all sides and font size no less than 11 point.
Letters of Reference

Please ask your dissertation committee chair and a second letter writer to upload a letter of recommendation in support of your application by January 18, 2024 at It is your responsibility to notify your letter writers.

Please ensure the above information is complete and correct before submitting. Only click submit once.