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Aaronson, Susan ArielFrom GATT to WTO: The Evolution of an Obscure Agency to One Perceived as Obstructing Democracy
Adams, Sean PatrickThe US Coal Industry in the Nineteenth Century
Adams, Sean PatrickThe US Coal Industry in the Nineteenth Century
Aldrich, MarkHistory of Workplace Safety in the United States, 1880-1970
Alexander, BarbaraThe National Recovery Administration
Alexander, BarbaraThe National Recovery Administration
Allen, SarahUrban Decline (and Success) in the United States
Amaral, LucianoEconomic History of Portugal
Attard, BarnardThe Economic History of Australia from 1788: An Introduction
Baack, BenThe Economics of the American Revolutionary War
Baack, BenThe Economics of the American Revolutionary War
Bakker, GerbenThe Economic History of the International Film Industry
Baranoff, DalitFire Insurance in the United States
Bértola, LuisAn Overview of the Economic History of Uruguay since the 1870s
Bierman, Harold Jr.The 1929 Stock Market Crash
Boal, William M.Monopsony in American Labor Markets
Bodenhorn, HowardAntebellum Banking in the United States
Bodenhorn, HowardAntebellum Banking in the United States
Bourne, JennySlavery in the United States
Boyd, Lawrence W.The Company Town
Boyer, GeorgeEnglish Poor Laws
Brown, Stephen A.A History of the Bar Code
Bugos, Glenn E.The History of the Aerospace Industry
Burnette, JoyceWomen Workers in the British Industrial Revolution
Burnette, JoyceWomen Workers in the British Industrial Revolution
Butkiewicz, JamesReconstruction Finance Corporation
Cain, LouCliometrics
Carlos, Ann M.The Economic History of the Fur Trade: 1670 to 1870
Castaneda, ChristopherManufactured and Natural Gas Industry
Chandra, SiddharthEconomic Histories of the Opium Trade
Chapra, M. UmerIslamic Economics: What It Is and How It Developed
Cohen, Benjamin J.Monetary Unions
Cohn, Raymond L.Immigration to the United States
Collins, William J.Fair Housing Laws
Couch, JimThe Works Progress Administration
Cowen, DavidThe First Bank of the United States
Craft, Erik D.An Economic History of Weather Forecasting
Craig, Lee A.Public Sector Pensions in the United States
Crowley, TerryOscar Douglas Skelton and Canada’s Economic History
Cuff, TimothyHistorical Anthropometrics
Cunfer, GeoffThe Dust Bowl
Daniel, JacobyApprenticeship in the United States
Deng, KentEconomic History of Premodern China (from 221 BC to c. 1800 AD)
Di Matteo, LivioThe Use of Quantitative Micro-data in Canadian Economic History: A Brief Survey
Doti, Lynne PiersonBanking in the Western U.S.
Drabble, John H.Economic History of Malaysia
Eloranta, JariMilitary Spending Patterns in History
Emery, HerbFraternal Sickness Insurance
Engen, Darel TaiThe Economy of Ancient Greece
Fishback, Price V.Workers’ Compensation
Fisher, Glenn W.History of Property Taxes in the United States
Flynn, David T.Credit in the Colonial American Economy
Frank, ZephyrThe International Natural Rubber Market, 1870-1930
Frey, DonaldThe Protestant Ethic Thesis
Friedman, GeraldLabor Unions in the United States
Gardner, BruceU.S. Agriculture in the Twentieth Century
Grossman, RichardUS Banking History, Civil War to World War II
Grytten, Ola HonningdalThe Economic History of Norway
Gupta, BishnupriyaThe History of the International Tea Market, 1850-1945
Hackelman, Jac C.Historical Political Business Cycles in the United States
Haines, MichaelFertility and Mortality in the United States
Halevi, NadavA Brief Economic History of Modern Israel
Hansen, BradleyBankruptcy Law in the United States
Harreld, Donald J.The Dutch Economy in the Golden Age (16th – 17th Centuries)
Henriksen, IngridAn Economic History of Denmark
Herren, Robert StanleyCouncil of Economic Advisers
Hjerppe, RiittaAn Economic History of Finland
Holley, DonaldMechanical Cotton Picker
Jones, NormanUsury
Kaplan, Edward S.The Fordney-McCumber Tariff of 1922
Khan, B. ZorinaAn Economic History of Copyright in Europe and the United States
Khan, B. ZorinaAn Economic History of Patent Institutions
Klein, Daniel B. Turnpikes and Toll Roads in Nineteenth-Century America
La Croix, SumnerEconomic History of Hawai’i
Law, Marc T.History of Food and Drug Regulation in the United States
Lawrence H. OfficerPurchasing Power Parity
Lewis, Frank D.The Economic History of the Fur Trade: 1670 to 1870
Lyons, JohnCliometrics
Majewski, JohnTurnpikes and Toll Roads in Nineteenth-Century America
Malone, Laurence J.Rural Electrification Administration
Maloney, Thomas N.African Americans in the Twentieth Century
Mason, DavidSavings and Loan Industry (U.S.)
McDonald, JohnEconomy of England at the Time of the Norman Conquest
McGuire, Robert A.Economic Interests and the Adoption of the United States Constitution
Meyer, David R.The Roots of American Industrialization, 1790-1860
Michener, RonMoney in the American Colonies
Miron, Jeffrey A.Alcohol Prohibition
Mitch, DavidEducation and Economic Growth in Historical Perspective
Moen, JonThe Panic of 1907
Mosk, CarlJapanese Industrialization and Economic Growth
Murphy, Sharon AnnLife Insurance in the United States through World War I
Murray, John E.Industrial Sickness Funds
Mushin, JerryThe Euro and Its Antecedents
Mushin, JerryThe Sterling Area
Mushinski, DavidMorris Plan Banks
Myung Soo ChaThe Economic History of Korea
Neill, RobinHarold Adams Innis
Nelson, Jon P.Advertising Bans in the United States
Noll, FranklinThe United States Public Debt, 1861 to 1975
Nonnenmacher, TomasHistory of the U.S. Telegraph Industry
Ó Gráda, Cormac Ireland’s Great Famine
O'Brien, AnthonySmoot-Hawley Tariff
Officer, Lawrence H.Gold Standard
Olds, KellyThe Economic History of Taiwan
Owen, LauraHistory of Labor Turnover in the U.S.
Parker, RandallAn Overview of the Great Depression
Patton, Randall L.A History of the U.S. Carpet Industry
Persson, Karl GunnarThe Law of One Price
Phillips, Ronnie J.Morris Plan Banks
Phillips, William H.Cotton Gin
Puffert, DouglasPath Dependence
Quinn, StephenThe Glorious Revolution of 1688
Ransom, Michael R.Monopsony in American Labor Markets
Ransom, Roger L.The Economics of the Civil War
Redish, AngelaBimetallism
Richardson, GaryMedieval Guilds
Ritschl, AlbrechtThe Marshall Plan, 1948-1951
Rockoff, HughU.S. Economy in World War I
Rosenbloom, Joshua Indentured Servitude in the Colonial U.S.
Rosenbloom, JoshuaThe History of American Labor Market Institutions and Outcomes
Routt, DavidThe Economic Impact of the Black Death
Salvucci, Richard The Economic History of Mexico
Santos, JosephA History of Futures Trading in the United States
Schenk, Catherine R.Economic History of Hong Kong
Schön, LennartSweden – Economic Growth and Structural Change, 1800-2000
Schrag, Zachary M.Urban Mass Transit In The United States
Scott, Carole E.The History of the Radio Industry in the United States to 1940
Selgin, GeorgeGresham’s Law
Short, JoannaEconomic History of Retirement in the United States
Sicotte, RichardInternational Shipping Cartels
Siklos, Pierre L.Deflation
Singleton, John An Economic History of New Zealand in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Smiley, GeneThe U.S. Economy in the 1920s
Smith, FredUrban Decline (and Success) in the United States
Stack, Martin H.A Concise History of America’s Brewing Industry
Stead, David R.Agricultural Tenures and Tithes
Stead, David R.Common Agricultural Policy
Stead, David R.Thomas Robert Malthus
Stead, David R.William Marshall
Stead, David R.David Ricardo
Stead, David R.Arthur Young
Steckel, Richard H.A History of the Standard of Living in the United States
Steindl, Frank G.Economic Recovery in the Great Depression
Stewart, James I.The Economics of American Farm Unrest, 1865-1900
Tassava, Christopher J.The American Economy during World War II
Thomasson, MelissaHealth Insurance in the United States
Toma, MarkFederal Reserve System
Touwen, JeroenThe Economic History of Indonesia
Troost, WilliamThe Freedmen’s Bureau
Tuttle, CarolynChild Labor during the British Industrial Revolution
Walsh, MargaretThe Bus Industry in the United States
Weidenmier, MarcMoney and Finance in the Confederate States of America
Whaples, RobertCarnegie, Andrew
Whaples, RobertChild Labor in the United States
Whaples, RobertCalifornia Gold Rush
Whaples, RobertHours of Work in U.S. History
White, William JEconomic History of Tractors in the United States
Whitten, David O.The Depression of 1893
Wicker, ElmusBanking Panics in the US: 1873-1933
Williamson, SamCliometrics
Wright, RobertOrigins of Commercial Banking in the United States, 1781-1830