The EHA recognizes excellence in research, publication, and teaching of economic history by awarding several annual and biennial prizes at the President’s Awards Banquet during the annual meetings.  Nominations and entry information can be found by following the links below.

Dissertation Awards

The Nevins and Gerschenkron prizes are awarded annually for the best dissertations on North-American and non-North American topics completed during the previous year. Six finalists, three for each award, are chosen to present dissertation summaries  at the Association’s annual meetings each fall. Finalists will receive funds to defray travel expenses and award recipients receive a cash prize.

Scholars submitting a dissertation may not in the same year submit a proposal to the general program that is part of or derived from the dissertation.  On an exception basis the Association will allow a two year window following thesis completion for submission.

 Allan Nevins Prize

The Allan Nevins Prize is awarded on behalf of Columbia University Press for the best dissertation in U.S. or Canadian Economic History published during the preceding year.

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 Alexander Gerschenkron Prize

The Alexander Gerschenkron Prize is awarded for the best dissertation in the economic history of an area outside of the United States or Canada published during the preceding year.

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Teaching Awards

Jonathan Hughes Prize for Excellence in Teaching Economic History

The annual Jonathan Hughes Prize is awarded to recognize excellence in teaching economic history. Jonathan Hughes was an outstanding scholar and a committed and influential teacher of economic history. The prize includes a $1,200 cash award. The winner is selected by the EHA Committee on Education and Teaching.

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Publication Awards

Alice Hanson Jones Biennial Prize

Alice Hanson Jones Biennial Prize is awarded every other year for an Outstanding Book on North American Economic History.

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Gyorgy Ranki Biennial Prize

The Gyorgy Ranki Biennial Prize is awarded every other year for an Outstanding Book on the Economic History of Europe.

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Arthur H. Cole Prize 

Arthur H. Cole Prize is awarded annually by the Editorial Board of the Journal of Economic History for the best article in the previous year’s volume of the Journal.

Data Awards

Engerman-Goldin Prize

The Engerman-Goldin Prize is for for creating, compiling, and sharing data and information with scholars. The Engerman-Goldin Prize will be awarded in even number years for contributions made in the previous five years.

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Gallman-Parker Prize

The Gallman-Parker Prize is for creating, compiling, and sharing data and information with scholars over the course of a career. The Prize will be awarded in odd numbered years (beginning in 2017) for lifetime contributions made to the construction, maintenance, and dissemination of database(s).  The databases must be publicly available.  The Prize will be awarded to individual recipients, not organizations or groups.

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