Conference Program and Papers

Program for Economic History Association Meetings September 15-17, 2017, San Jose, CA



EHA 2017 Program




Workshop & Local Tours: 8:00 AM – Noon

Poster Session: 1:00 – 5:00 PM


SESSION: Friday 1:00 – 2:30 PM

1:  Policy & Identity

Chair: Lisa Cook (Michigan State University)

Trevon D. Logan (Ohio State University), “Black Politicians Matter”

Discussant: Vicky Fouka (Stanford University)

Christian Dippel (UCLA) and Stephan Heblich (University of Bristol), “Does Civic Leadership Matter? Evidence from the Forty-Eighters in the U.S.”

Discussant: Jakob Schneebacher (Yale University)

Christoph Koenig (University of Bristol), “Loose Cannons: War Veterans and the Erosion of Democracy in Weimar Germany”

Discussant: Saumitra Jha (Stanford University)


2:  Political and Technological Drivers of International Trade

Chair: Sumner La Croix (University of Hawaii)

Réka Juhász (Columbia University) and Claudia Steinwender (Harvard Business School), “Drivers of Fragmented Production Chains: Evidence from the 19th Century”

Discussant: Michael Huberman (Université de Montreal)

Rui Pedro Esteves (Oxford University) and Florian Ploeckel (University of Adelaide), “Gold and Trade: An Empirical Simulation Approach”

Discussant: Christopher M. Meissner (University of California, Davis)

Walker Hanlon (New York University), “Dynamic Comparative Advantage in International Shipbuilding: From Wood to Steel”

Discussant: Dave Donaldson (Stanford University)


3:  Public Health and Policy

Chair: Craig Palsson (Naval Postgraduate School)

John M. Parman (College of William and Mary), “Health, Gender and Mobility: Intergenerational Correlations in Longevity Over Time”

Discussant: Jason Long (Wheaton College)

David S. Jacks (Simon Fraser University), Krishna Pendakur (Simon Fraser University) and Hitoshi Shigeoka (Simon Fraser University), “Infant Mortality and the Repeal of Federal Prohibition”

Discussant: Marcella Alsan (Stanford University)

Maxwell Kiniria (Cornell University), “The Mortality Effects of Local Boards of Health in England, 1848-70”

Discussant: Philipp Ager (University of Southern Denmark, Odense)


SESSION: Friday 3:00 – 4:30 PM

4:  Macroeconomic Regime Change

Chair: Eugene White (Rutgers University)

Christopher Hanes (SUNY-Binghamton), “Wage Inflation in the Recovery from the Great Depression”

Discussant: Andy Jalil (Occidental College)

Sibylle Lehmann-Hasemeyer (University of Hohenheim) and Jochen Streb (University of Mannheim), “Does Social Security Crowd Out Private Savings? The Case of Bismarck’s System of Social Insurance”

Discussant: Peter Lindert (University of California, Davis)

Caroline Fohlin (Emory University), “The Volatility of Money: The Call Money Market and Monetary Policy Regime Change”

Discussant: Eugene White (Rutgers University)


5:  Monetary Policy in the USA

Chair: Chris Meissner (University of California, Davis)

Haelim Anderson (US Treasury),“Regulation and Bank Risk-taking: Evidence from the Great Depression”

Discussant: Hugh Rockoff (Rutgers University)

Sriya Anbil (Federal Reserve Board of Governors) and Angela Vossmeyer (Claremont McKenna College), “Risk Shifting Between Two Lenders of Last Resort”

Discussant: Joe Mason (Louisiana State University)

Mark Carlson (Federal Reserve Board of Governors) and Burcu Duygan-Bump (Federal Reserve Board of Governors), “Implementing Monetary Policy using Administered Rates and Balance Sheet Composition: Evidence from the US Experience in the 1920s”

Discussant: Christoffer Koch (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)


6:  Income Inequality & Mobility

Chair: Robert Margo (Boston University)

Frank Warren Garmon Jr. (University of Virginia), “Social Mobility and Inequality at the Creation of the American Republic”

Discussant: Joseph Ferrie (Northwestern University)

James J. Feigenbaum (Boston University), “Women’s Suffrage and Intergenerational Mobility”

Discussant: Shari Eli (University of Toronto)

Zachary Ward (Australian National University), “The Not-so-Hot Melting Pot: The Persistence of Outcomes for Descendants of the Age of Mass Migration”

Discussant: Santiago Perez (University of California, Davis)


Plenary Session:

“Reflections from the Global Macro Economy of the Twentieth Century”

(Barry Eichengreen, Harold James, Carmen Reinhart, and George P. Schultz)


Reception: 6:45 – 8:30 PM (everyone is invited!)


Graduate Student Dinner: 9:00 – 11:00 PM (graduate students only!)





SESSION: Saturday 8:15 – 9:45 AM

7:  Sectarian Strife and Culture

Chair: Ariell Zimran (Vanderbilt University)

Sriya Iyer (University of Cambridge), Anand Shrivastava (Azim Premji University), and Rohit Ticku (The Graduate Institute of Geneva), “Holy Wars? Temple Desecrations in Medieval India”

Discussant: Jared Rubin (Chapman)

Heyu Xiong (Northwestern University) and Yiling Zhao (Northwestern University), “Sectarian Competition and the Market Provision of Human Capital”

Discussant: Vellore Arthi (University of Essex)

James Fenske (University of Warwick) and Namrata Kala (Harvard University), “Linguistic Distance and Market Integration in India”

Discussant: Tahir Andrabi (Pomona)


8:  Labor and Capital in The Great Depression

Chair: Taylor Jaworski (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Price Fishback (University of Arizona), Sebastian Fleitas (University of Arizona), Jonathan Rose (Federal Reserve Board of Governors), and Ken Snowden (University of North Carolina, Greensboro), “The Impact of the Foreclosure Overhang on Mortgage Lending in the late 1930s”

Discussant: Dan Fetter (Wellesley College)

Paul Gaggl (University of North Carolina, Charlotte) and Gabriel Mathy (American University), “Bad Luck or Bad Workers? A view of the Long-term Unemployed in the Great Depression through Matched Census Records”

Discussant: William Sundstrom (Santa Clara)

Daniel Aaronson (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), Daniel Hartley (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), and Bhashkar Mazumder (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), “The Short- and Long-Run Effects of the 1930s HOLC “Redlining” Maps”

Discussant: Katherine Shester (Washington and Lee University)


9:  Commodity Money and Economic Shocks

Chair: Alan M. Taylor (University of California, Davis)

Colin Weiss (Federal Reserve Board of Governors), “Is Devaluation Risk Contractionary? Evidence from U.S. Silver Coinage Agitation, 1878-1900”

Discussant: David Weiman (Barnard College)

Kris James Mitchener (Santa Clara University) and Gonçalo Pina (Santa Clara University), “Pegxit Pressure”

Discussant: Matthias Morys (University of York)

Nuno Palma (University of Manchester), “The Existence and Persistence of Liquidity Effects: Evidence from a Large-Scale Historical Natural Experiment”

Discussant: Angela Redish (University of British Columbia)


SESSION: Saturday 10:15 – 11:45 AM

10:  Property Rights and Corporate Governance

Chair: Philip Hoffman (Caltech)

Eduardo Montero (Harvard University), Cooperative Property Rights and Agricultural Development: Evidence from Land Reform in El Salvador”

Discussant: Stephen Haber (Stanford University)

Itzchak Tzachi Raz (Harvard University), “Use It Or Lose It: Adverse Possession and Economic Development”

Discussant: Zorina Khan (Bowdoin College)

Amanda Gregg (Middlebury College) and Steven Nafziger (Williams College), “The Births, Lives, and Deaths of Corporations in Late Imperial Russia”

Discussant: Paul Gregory (University of Houston and Hoover Institute)


11:  Migration, Mobility and Factor Endowments

Chair: Farley Grubb (University of Delaware)

Rowena Gray (University of California, Merced) “Importing Crime? The Effect of Immigration on Crime in the United States, 1880-1930”

Discussant: Katherine Eriksson (University of California, Davis)

Gregory Clark (University of California, Davis) and Neil Cummins (London School of Economics), “The People, not the Place. The Decline of the North of England 1918-2017: A Surname Investigation”

Discussant: Steve Broadberry (Oxford University)

David Andersson (Uppsala University), Mounir Karadja (Uppsala University), and Erik Prawitz (Stockholm University), “Mass Migration, Cheap Labor, and Innovation”

Discussant: Ran Abramitzky (Stanford University)


12:  Capital Requirements and Banking and Financial Stability

Chair: Carola Frydman (Northwestern University)

Òscar Jordà (University of California, Davis), Björn Richter (University of Bonn), Moritz Schularick (University of Bonn), and Alan M. Taylor (University of California, Davis), “Bank Capital Redux: Solvency, Liquidity, and Crisis”

Discussant: Peter Rousseau (Vanderbilt University)

Michael Gou (University of California, Irvine), “Did capital requirements promote bank stability in the early 20th century United States?”

Discussant: Matthew Jaremski (Colgate University)

Asaf Bernstein (University of Colorado, Boulder), “Costs of Rating-Contingent Regulation: Evidence from the Establishment of “Investment Grade””

Discussant: Peter Koudijs (Stanford University)


Women’s Lunch: 11.45 AM – 1:15 PM

EHA Business Meeting: 1:15 – 2:00 PM (everyone attends!)

Dissertation Session: 2:15 – 4:15 PM

Presidential Address: 4:45 – 5:45 PM

Michael D. Bordo: An Historical Perspective on the Quest for Financial Stability and Monetary Policy Regimes


Cocktail Reception: 6:30 – 7:30 PM (everyone welcome!)

Banquet: 7:30 – 9:30 PM

President’s Party: 10 PM – 12 AM (everyone welcome!)




Poster Session: 8:00 – 10:30 AM


SESSION: Sunday 8:30 – 10:00 AM

13: Education & Innovation

Chair: Carl Kitchens (Florida State University)

Nicola Bianchi (Northwestern University) and Michela Giorcelli (UCA), “Scientific Education and Innovation: From Technical Diplomas to University STEM Degrees”

Discussant: Petra Moser (New York University)

Ewout Frankema (Wageningen University) and Marlous van Waijenburg (Northwestern University), “Here Has All the Education Gone: The Free-Fall of Skill-Premiums in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, c. 1860-2010”

Discussant: Leigh Gardner (London School of Economics)

Alexander Donges (University of Mannheim), Jean-Marie A. Meier (London Business School), and Rui C. Silva (London Business School), “The Impact of Institutions on Innovation”

Discussant: Giampaolo Lecce (Yale University)


14: Trade, Finance and Growth

Chair: Martha Olney (University of California, Berkeley)

Eric Hilt (Wellesley College), “Banks, Insider Connections, and Industrialization in New England: Evidence from the Panic of 1873”

Discussant: Tyler Goodspeed (King’s College, London)

Chenzi Xu (Harvard University), “Financial Frictions in Trade: Evidence from the Banking Crisis of 1866”

Discussant:  Marc Weidenmeir (Chapman University)

Olivier Accominotti (London School of Economics), Philipp Kessler (University of Mannheim), and Kim Oosterlinck (Université Libre de Bruxelles), “The Dawes Bonds: Selective Default and International Trade”

Discussant: Kirsten Wandschneider (Occidental College)


SESSION: Sunday 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

15: Labor Market Institutions

Chair: Jeremy Atack (Vanderbilt University)

William J. Collins (Vanderbilt University) and Gregory T. Niemesh (Miami University), “Unions and the Great Compression of American Inequality, 1940-1960”    *You can get the data appendix here: Collins Appendix

Discussant: Alex Field (Santa Clara University)

Peter Sandholt Jensen (University of Southern Denmark, Odense), Cristina Victoria Radu (University of Southern Denmark, Odense), and Paul Richard Sharp (University of Southern Denmark, Odense), “The Effect of Serfdom on Labor Markets”

Discussant: Alex Klein (University of Kent)

Victor Gay (University of Chicago), “The Legacy of the Missing Men. World War I and Female Labor Participation in France Throughout the Twentieth Century”       *You can get the data appendix here: Gay Appendix

Discussant: Jessica Bean (Denison University)


16: Credit, Policy and Growth in Asia

Chair: Ann Carlos (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Sergi Basco (Carlos III) and John Tang (Australian National University), “The Samurai Bond: Credit Supply and Economic Growth in Pre-War Japan”

Discussant: Masato Shizume (Waseda University)

Nathaniel Lane (Stockholm University), “Manufacturing Revolutions – Industrial Policy and Networks in South Korea”

Discussant: Aldo Musacchio (Brandeis University)

Susan Wolcott (Binghamton University), “The Contraction of Indian Rural Credit Markets 1951-1971: A Cautionary Tale of Financial Formalization”

Discussant: Latika Chaudhary (Naval Postgraduate School)