2017 Call for Papers

Call for Papers: EHA 2017:  Macroeconomic Regimes and Policies; the Quest for Economic and Financial Stability and Growth

The theme for EHA 2017 is “ Macroeconomic Regimes and Policies: the Quest for Economic and Financial Stability and Growth”. Beginning in the second half of the twentieth century, economic historians began to explore macroeconomic history, creating a vast new realm for research. This year the conference will be devoted to this continuing development inviting institutional, narrative, theoretical and empirical research in macroeconomic history. Topics of interest are wide ranging including: the history and origins of monetary, fiscal and financial institutions and markets; monetary and exchange rate regimes (specie, fiat); fiscal regimes; the history of central banks and monetary policy; and the relationship between macroeconomic regimes and policy in causing or correcting major economic and financial disturbances (depressions, recessions, inflations, deflations and financial crises) as well as influencing economic growth. The studies could be comparative, country specific or global.


The Program Committee (Christopher M. Meissner, UC Davis (chair), together with Carola Frydman (Northwestern University), Zorina Khan (Bowdoin College) and Dave Donaldson (Stanford University) welcomes submissions on all subjects in economic history, though some preference will be given to papers that fit the theme of the conference. Papers should be submitted individually, but authors may suggest to the Committee that three particular papers fit well together in a panel. Papers should in all cases be works in progress rather than accepted or published work. Submitters should let the program committee know at the time of application if the paper they are proposing has already been submitted for publication. Individuals who presented or co-authored a paper given at the 2016 meeting are not eligible for inclusion in the 2017 program.


Papers and session proposals should be submitted online, with details to follow on the meetings website. The submission system is now CLOSED. Paper proposals that were submitted should have included a 3-5 page proposal and a 150 –word abstract suitable for publication in the Journal of Economic History. Please note that at least one of the authors needs to be a member of EHA.


Graduate students are encouraged to attend the meeting. The association offers subsidies for travel, hotel, registration, and meals, including a special graduate student dinner. A poster session welcomes work from dissertations in progress. Applications for the poster session are due no later than the deadline on the meetings website. The poster submission system is open until May 23, 2017: http://eh.net/eha/poster-submission/. The dissertation session, convened by Lisa Cook (Michigan State University) and Claude Diebolt (Strasbourg University) will honor six dissertations completed during the 2016-2017 academic year. The submission deadline is May 15, 2017. The Alexander Gerschenkron and Allan Nevins prizes will be awarded to the best dissertations on non-North American and North American topics respectively. Dissertations must be submitted as a single PDF file.  Files of less than 5 MB in size may be sent directly to the conveners as an email attachment.


To submit a file over 5 MB, please supply a download link in an email message. Gerschenkron prize submissions should be emailed to cdiebolt@unistra.fr and the Nevins prize submissions to  lisacook@msu.edu. All submissions will be acknowledged by return email.