About the Economic History Association

The Economic History Association was founded in 1940. Its purpose is to encourage and promote teaching, research, and publication on every phase of economic history, broadly defined, and to encourage and assist in the preservation and administration of the materials for research in economic history. The Association publishes The Journal of Economic History and a Newsletter, and holds an annual meeting (usually in September). Research is supported through Arthur H. Cole grants-in-aid. In addition, the Association awards several prizes for publications: the Arthur Cole Prize for the best article published in the Journal each year; the Alice Hanson Jones prize for the best book published biennially in American economic history; and the Gyorgi Ranki prize for the best book published biennially in non-American economic history. The Association awards annually the Alan Nevins prize for the best dissertation in American economic history, and the Alexander Gerschenkron prize for the best dissertation in non-American economic history. The EHA encourages superior teaching by awarding the Jonathan Hughes Prize.

The Journal of Economic History, which is published by Cambridge University Press in March, June, September, and December, is provided to each member. More information about the Journal, including a listing of the co-editors, and the Board of Editors, as well as information about submitting articles, can be found in EHA Publications.

The Association is managed by an Executive Director, Price Fishback. His office address is:

Economic History Association
Department of Economics
University of Arizona
McClelland Hall, 401GG
1130 E Helen St
PO Box 210108
Tucson, AZ 85721-0108
Phone: (520) 621-4421
Fax: (520) 621-8450
E-mail: fishback@email.arizona.edu


The Association’s annual meeting is organized by Jari Eloranta, the Meetings Coordinator, and a Program Committee appointed each year by the President. Information about upcoming meetings can be found in EHA Announcements.

The Officers and Trustees who oversee the Association are the following:


President Lee Alston, Indiana University
President-Elect Michael Bordo, Rutgers University
Executive Director Price Fishback, University of Arizona
Immediate Past Presidents Robert Margo, Boston University
Philip Hoffman
, California Institute of Technology
Robert Allen, University of Oxford
Vice President Gregory Clark, University of California, Davis
Trustees Stephen Broadberry, University of Warwick
Leah Platt Boustan, University of California, Los Angeles
William Collins, Vanderbilt University
Karen Clay, Carnegie Mellon University
Editors Ann Carlos, University of Colorado, Boulder
William Collins, Vanderbilt University
Chair, Budget Committee Matt Jaremski, Colgate University
IEHA Representative Claude Diebolt, University of Strasbourg
Meetings Coordinator Jari Eloranta, Appalachian State University


EHA Committee List 2015-2016