See the full Meetings Program booklet here.


"Rules of the game" for the paper sessions:

  1. The sessions will last 90 minutes each (except Friday, 3-5 pm; 120 minutes).
  2. Authors will have 15 minutes to present their papers. Session chairs should encourage compliance with this time limit.
  3. The rooms will have standard presentation equipment (Windows laptops with PowerPoint and projectors – Note! EHA does not provide a projector for transparencies!). If you use a Mac, please double-check for compatability issues. Please bring your presentation on a USB-stick, and upload it before the session. We cannot guarantee Internet connection at the meetings spaces. If you have special needs, please let Jari Eloranta ( know.
  4. All three (or four) papers should be presented first. We would suggest using the order in the program.
  5. After all three (or four) papers have been presented, the discussants will take the floor. Discussants will have 10 minutes per paper (some discussants have more than one paper to discuss). Session chairs will again encourage compliance with this time limit.
  6. This should leave approximately 15 (or 20) minutes for discussion from the floor and author/discussant responses.


PROGRAM (with links to session papers):   –Friday    –Saturday    –Sunday





Workshop and Tours

One workshop and several local tour options are available for Friday morning, 8:00-Noon (or 1 pm). Preregistration is required. Enrollment is limited to 35 participants for the workshop, and 35-40 participants for the tours. Sign up for a workshop or tour on the registration form.

  • Workshop: Job Market Tips and Tales. Christian Dippel (University of Toronto) and Noam Yuchtman (UC-Berkeley) will share their job market experiences.
  • Tour 1: · UBC Museum of Anthropology ( Transportation by bus from the conference hotel.
  • Tour 2: · Canyons, Forests and Waterfalls: a walking tour (Involves climbing and walking on uneven terrain). Transportation by bus from the conference hotel. Conducted by Mauricio Drelichman. (sold out!)

2 Sessions– 5 Panels

  • Commencing at 1:00 PM, concluding at 5:00 PM.

Poster Session


  • A reception will be held Friday evening at the Law Courts Inn ( Hosted by UBC and Simon Fraser University.

Graduate Student Dinner



Teachers’ Breakfast (featuring Oscar Gelderblom, Utrecht University, as the speaker)

Historians’ Breakfast (featuring Eugene White, Rutgers University, as the speaker)

2 Sessions– 6 Panels

Women’s Lunch (co-organized by Simone Wegge and Juliette Levy)

EHA Business Meeting

Dissertation Session

Presidential Address

  • President Jeremy Atack will give his presidential address, “On the Use of GIS in Economic History: The American Transportation Revolution Revisited.”


  • Awards will be presented in the areas of best dissertations (Nevins and Gerschenkron prizes), best Journal of Economic Historyarticle of 2011, best Explorations in Economic Historyarticle of 2011, best book in American economic history, and excellence in teaching economic history.



2 Sessions– 4 Panels

  • Adjourning at 12:00 PM