71st Annual Meeting

EHA’s Annual Meeting is generally held each September, with other Academic Meetings scheduled each year.

Economic History Association 71st Annual Meeting

Crises and Turning Points

Suppose the global economic and financial crisis has a silver lining. In that case, it is that recent events have heightened awareness among policymakers and the general public of the importance of economic history. Crises – economic, financial, social, demographic, environmental, and political, to name only a few – are hardly perennial. Understanding their history is essential to understand what, if anything, is distinctive about the recent experience. The history of crises continues to be studied from several perspectives: in terms of their causes and their consequences, in terms of their changing incidence, in terms of their short-term impact, and their longer-term implications for the development of economies and societies. This conference seeks to bring together scholars engaged in research on these various dimensions of crises and their implications.