Meeting Theme / Call for Papers
84th EHA Annual Meeting
Sacramento, CA - September 6-8, 2024

Globalization: Perspectives from the Past

The theme for the EHA 2024 meeting is Globalization: Perspectives from the Past. Globalization refers to the movement of goods, services, people, capital, and technology across countries. By many measures, the twenty-first century has become more globalized than at any time in history, yet its future is in doubt with the rise of geopolitical conflict and doubts about its benefits to workers in advanced countries. How do earlier eras of globalization compare, and what also can be learned from the interconnected nature of markets and people, which goes back to ancient times? How have government policies toward globalization differed across countries and changed over time? New data sources and methodologies have allowed researchers to examine the political, economic, and social consequences of increased trade and finance as well as migration across countries over longer periods of time and spanning a richer set of countries across the globe.

Globalization in past centuries has been marred by colonialism and forced migration, even as it has allowed technology to spread around the world. Over the past century, globalization has presented tremendous opportunities for economic growth for many countries, but one with pitfalls as well, as those seeking to manage cross-border capital flows have discovered with financial crises. Globalization also has had short-run and longer-run impact on the environment, including increased greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, habitat destruction, and invasive species. All of these facets of globalization have profound implications for society. The theme of this conference will explore past episodes, past events, and past evidence to understand how globalization affects the world in all its dimensions, for good and for ill.

The Program Committee, chaired by Kris Mitchener (Santa Clara University), welcomes submissions on all subjects in economic history, though some preference will be given to papers that fit the theme of the conference.

Papers should be submitted individually, but authors may suggest to the Committee that three particular papers fit well together in a panel. Papers should in all cases be works in progress rather than accepted or published work. Submitters should let the program committee know at the time of application if the paper they are proposing has already been submitted for publication. Individuals who presented or co-authored a paper given at the 2023 meeting are not eligible for inclusion in the 2024 program. To submit a paper CLICK HERE. Paper proposals must include a 1,000-word proposal with a 150–word abstract suitable for publication in the Journal of Economic History. Paper URLs can be provided within the form above, but no attachments will be allowed. Paper proposals should be submitted by January 31, 2024, to ensure consideration. Please note that at least one of the authors must be an active member of the EHA. If you have difficulty with the form, please reach out to Jeremy Land at 

Graduate students are encouraged to attend the meeting, and the association offers students travel subsidies, including a special graduate student dinner. A poster session welcomes work from dissertations in progress. The poster submission system will open on March 1, 2024. Applications for the poster session are due no later than May 21, 2024, online on the meetings website. The dissertation session, convened by Vellore Arthi (University of California, Irvine) and Patrick Wallis (London School of Economics), will honor six dissertations completed during the 2023-2024 academic year. The submission deadline is May 31, 2024. The Allan Nevins and Alexander Gerschenkron prizes will be awarded to the best dissertations on North American and non-North American topics respectively. Dissertations must be submitted as a single PDF file. Files of less than 5 MB in size may be sent directly to the conveners as an email attachment. To submit a file over 5 MB, please supply a download link in an email message. The Nevins prize submissions should be sent to: and the Gerschenkron prize submissions to: All submissions will be acknowledged by return email.

Economic History Association

Globalization: Perspectives from the Past

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Graduate Students on the Program are Eligible for Travel Subsidies

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See above for information on how to submit your dissertation.