Below is an Excel file detailing:

Countries covered include Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, British Guiana, British India, British West Indies, Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dutch East Indies, Ecuador, Egypt, French Indochina, French West Indies, Guatemala, Japan, Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Reunion, San Salvador, Senegal, Siam, Straights Settlements, and Uruguay.

Commodities included are raw cotton, coffee, tea, raw silk, rubber, tin, oilseeds, tobacco leaf, nuts, cocoa, fertilizer, rice, copper, sugar, hides and skins, wheat, silk manufactures, jute, dyes and dyestuffs, hemp, and cotton manufactures.

The data were collected from official statistics by John R. Hanson for his book Trade in Transition: Exports from the Third World, 1840-1900, New York: Academic Press, 1980. Details about the original sources are given in the Excel file.