Each year the Economic History Association awards numerous grants and fellowships to deserving young scholars. Additionally, Cambridge University Press has made a generous donation to help the EHA endow one of the Dissertation Fellowships and two of the Pre-Dissertation Exploratory Grants.

The 2020 awardees are:

Arthor H. Cole Grant in Aid for Post-Doctoral Research :
Victor Gay, Toulouse School of Economics and Institute for Advanced Study
James Harrison, United States Naval Academy
Trevor Jackson, George Washington University
Matthew Lowe, University of British Columbia

Economic History Association Dissertation Fellowships
US Groesbeck, Toulouse School of Economics
Pawel Janas, Northwestern University

Cambridge University Press Dissertation Fellowship
Matthew Lowenstein, University of Chicago

Sokoloff Dissertation Fellowship
Brian Marein, University of Colorado Boulder
Tianyi Wang, University of Pittsburgh

Cambridge University Press Pre-Dissertation Exploratory Grants
Vasily Rusanov, New York University
Neil Silveus, University of Pittsburgh

Economic History Association Pre-Dissertation Exploratory Grants
Sharbani Bhattacharjee, Auburn University
Radost Holler, Bonn Graduate School of Economics
Viktor Malein, The University of Southern Denmark
Alejandro Martínez-Marquina, Stanford University
Laura Montenegro Helfer, University of Chicago
Jonas Mueller Gastell, Stanford University
Juan Rojas, UCLA
Cesia Sanchez, UC-Berkeley

For more information on the Grants and Fellowships awarded by EHA go to: