Economic History Association 2023 Annual Meeting

Call for Papers and Meeting Information Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 8-10, 2023 Call for Papers: EHA 2023: Love and Toil, Care and Work CALL FOR PAPERS HAS CLOSED CALL FOR POSTERS IS NOW OPEN! (see side menu for link) The theme for EHA 2023 is ‘Love and Toil, […]

Economic History Association 2019 Annual Meeting

Call for Papers: EHA 2019: ‘Markets and Governments in Economic History’   Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association, in Atlanta, Georgia, September 13-15, 2019   The theme for EHA 2019 is “Markets and Governments in Economic History.” The interactions between markets and governments are central issues in the organization of economies. From the beginning of […]

Economic History Association 2017 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association, in San Jose, California September 15 -17, 2017  The theme for EHA 2017 is “ Macroeconomic Regimes and Policies: the Quest for Economic and Financial Stability and Growth”. Beginning in the second half of the twentieth century, economic historians began to explore macroeconomic history, creating a vast new […]

Economic History Association 2015 Annual Meeting

  Diversity in Economic History Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association, in Nashville, Tennessee, September 11-13, 2015 The theme for EHA 2015 is “diversity” in economic history. Diversity refers to differences in economic outcomes by race, ethnicity or tribal group, religion, location within countries (for example, urban vs. rural, or North vs. South), gender, […]

Economic History Association 2010 Annual Meeting

THE ECONOMIC HISTORY ASSOCIATION WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE FOR MAKING THE 2010 MEETINGS A SUCCESS. THE CALL FOR PAPERS FOR 2011 WILL BE UP SHORTLY.   Complete Meetings Program:   Scholars who work on a single locality, period, or institution usually have in mind some kind of comparative question, although the comparative dimension is […]

Economic History Association 2011 Annual Meeting

Crises and Turning Points Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association, Boston, Massachusetts, September 9-11, 2011 See the Meetings Program Booklet here. Pre-registration is now closed. You can register at the slightly higher rate at the conference. The Restaurant Guide can be found here. If the global economic and financial crisis has a silver lining, it […]

Economic History Association 2012 Annual Meeting

CONFERENCE THEME: Revisiting the Transportation Revolution Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association Vancouver, British Columbia September 21-23, 2012   For further information,  contact Meetings Coordinator Jari Eloranta at You can also download the Program Booklet here: EHA 2012 Program.pdf.

Economic History Association 2013 Annual Meeting

The conference has already taken place. You can find information on the schedule, travel, and hotel in the program booklet. Moreover, you can download the restaurant guide for the Ballston area here. You can download the full program booklet here. For further information, contact Meetings Coordinator Jari Eloranta at:

Economic History Association 2014 Annual Meeting

Political Economy and Economic History Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association, in Columbus, Ohio, September 12-14, 2014 Politics has a massive impact on economic outcomes.  States redistribute wealth, make up for market failures, and enact policies that can devastate an economy or promote long run growth.  They also provide the essential public goods of […]