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Author(s)van Bavel, Bas   Curtis, Daniel R.   Dijkman, Jessica   Hannaford, Matthew   de Keyzer, Maika   van Onacker, Eline   Soens, Tim   
Reviewer(s)Noy, Ilan   
Subject(s)Economywide Country Studies and Comparative History
Environment, Climate, and Disasters
Macroeconomics and Fluctuations
Geographic Area(s)General, International, or Comparative
Time Periods(s)General or Comparative
Reviewer(s)López Alonso, Moramay   
Subject(s)Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Extractive Industries
Environment, Climate, and Disasters
Living Standards, Anthropometric History, Economic Anthropology
Markets and Institutions
Geographic Area(s)Latin America, incl. Mexico and the Caribbean
Time Periods(s)Ancient