2021 EHA Annual Meeting – Tucson, Arizona – October 29-31

Poster Session

Location: Turquoise III

Times: Friday 12:45-5:00pm; Saturday 8:30am-5:15pm

Note: Graduate student posters will be available in Turquoise III most of the day Friday and all-day Saturday. Please visit and discuss these posters with the students. Students will be present for discussion during breaks throughout the program. Posters will not be available virtually, but we strongly encourage those attending virtually to reach out to the students below if they wish to find out more about their research. Emails for all attendees and participants will be emailed separately just before the conference begins.

Madison Arnsbarger (University of Pittsburgh)

“High and Dry: The Origins of Women’s Labor Force Participation and Political Activism in the United States”

Pietro Buri (Princeton University)

“Coping with Unknown Risks: The Rise of Maritime Insurance Contracts and Markets in Late Medieval Italy”

Dheeraj Chaudhary (University of Maryland)

“Railroads, Market Access, and Wealth Inequality”

Jay Dhar (University of Arizona)

“The Diffusion of Automobiles and Motortrucks on American Farms in the 20th Century: The Impact of Last-Mile Road Access and New Deal and World War II Spending”

Nathan Eisner (University of Pittsburgh)

“Rural Free Delivery and Black Agricultural Productivity”

Katherine Hauck (University of Arizona)

“An Empirical Estimation of a Structural Option Value Model of Homesteading”

Pawel Janas (Northwestern University)

“Public Goods Under Financial Distress: Evidence from Cities in the Great Depression”

Max McDevitt (Boston University)

“Between the Boardroom and Parliament: Special Legislation, Capital Investment, and Railway Directors in Parliament, 1876-1900”

Matthew Pesner (Vanderbilt University)

“Public Pensions and the Elasticity of Elderly Labor Force Participation: Evidence from the Railroad Retirement Act”

Hannah Postel (Princeton University)

“Ghettoized in Gold Mountain? Chinese Segregation in 19th Century California”

Juan Rojas (University of California, Los Angeles)

“Coordination Problems, Information Disclosures, and Industrial Development”

Fernanda Rojas Ampuero (University of California, Los Angeles)

“Sent Away: Long Term Effects of Forced Displacements”

Hanna Schwank (Boston University)

“Disruptive Effects of Natural Disasters: The 1906 San Francisco Fire”

Colin Sharpe (Vanderbilt University)

“Where the King’s Writ Did Not Run: Common Law and Growth in the March of Wales, 1290-1510”

Matthew Suandi (University of California, Berkeley)

“Promoting to Opportunity: Evidence and Implications from the US Submarine Service”