The Economy of Promises: Trust, Power, and Credit in America

Published by EH.Net (September 2023). Bruce Carruthers. The Economy of Promises: Trust, Power, and Credit in America. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2022. 408 pp. $35 (hardback), ISBN 978-0691235387. Reviewed for EH.Net by Bradley A. Hansen, University of Mary Washington.   In The Economy of Promises: Trust, Power, and Credit in America Bruce Carruthers sets out […]

Arresting Contagion: Science, Policy, and Conflicts over Animal Disease Control

Published by EH.Net (October 2016) Alan L. Olmstead and Paul W. Rhode, Arresting Contagion: Science, Policy, and Conflicts over Disease Control. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2015. x + 465 pp. $50 (cloth), ISBN: 978-0-674-72877-6. Reviewed for EH.Net by Lee A. Craig, Department of Economics, North Carolina State University. In Arresting Contagion, Alan Olmstead and […]

The Economic History of Mexico

The Economic History of Mexico Richard Salvucci, Trinity University   Preface[1] This article is a brief interpretive survey of some of the major features of the economic history of Mexico from pre-conquest to the present. I begin with the pre-capitalist economy of Mesoamerica. The colonial period is divided into the Habsburg and Bourbon regimes, although […]

Encyclopedia – Sorted by Author

The EH.Net Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History is designed to provide students and laymen with high quality reference articles in the field. Articles for the Online Encyclopedia are written by experts, screened by a group of authorities, and carefully edited. A distinguished Advisory Board recommends entry topics, assists in the selection of authors, and […]

An Economic History of Weather Forecasting

Erik D. Craft, University of Richmond Introduction The United States Congress established a national weather organization in 1870 when it instructed the Secretary of War to organize the collection of meteorological observations and forecasting of storms on the Great Lakes and Atlantic Seaboard. Large shipping losses on the Great Lakes during the 1868 and 1869 […]

Urban Decline (and Success) in the United States

Fred Smith and Sarah Allen, Davidson College Introduction Any discussion of urban decline must begin with a difficult task – defining what is meant by urban decline. Urban decline (or “urban decay”) is a term that evokes images of abandoned homes, vacant storefronts, and crumbling infrastructure, and if asked to name a city that has […]

Turnpikes and Toll Roads in Nineteenth-Century America

Daniel B. Klein, Santa Clara University and John Majewski, University of California – Santa Barbara 1 Private turnpikes were business corporations that built and maintained a road for the right to collect fees from travelers.2 Accounts of the nineteenth-century transportation revolution often treat turnpikes as merely a prelude to more important improvements such as canals […]

History of the U.S. Telegraph Industry

Tomas Nonnenmacher, Allegheny College Introduction The electric telegraph was one of the first telecommunications technologies of the industrial age. Its immediate predecessors were homing pigeons, visual networks, the Pony Express, and railroads. By transmitting information quickly over long distances, the telegraph facilitated the growth in the railroads, consolidated financial and commodity markets, and reduced information […]

The Economic History of Taiwan

Kelly Olds, National Taiwan University Geography Taiwan is a sub-tropical island, roughly 180 miles long, located less than 100 miles offshore of China’s Fujian province. Most of the island is covered with rugged mountains that rise to over 13,000 feet. These mountains rise directly out of the ocean along the eastern shore facing the Pacific […]