Detailed Schedule


Friday, September 20




Session 1

Institutions and Geography

Steven Nafziger (Williams College)

Scott Abramson (Princeton University)

The Origins of the Territorial State

Jean-Laurent Rosenthal (Caltech)

Karen Clay (Carnegie Mellon University)

Resources, Politics, Economics, and Curses: Evidence from the United States 1929-2002

Gavin Wright (Stanford University)

William F. Maloney (World Bank)

Felipe Valencia Caicedo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

The Persistence of (Subnational) Fortune: Geography, Agglomeration, and Institutions in the New World

Alejandra Irigoin (London School of Economics)




Session 2

Education and Human Capital

Richard Steckel (Ohio State University)

Joerg Baten (University of Tübingen)

Dacil Juif (University of Tübingen)

A Story of Large Land-Owners and Math Skills: Inequality and Human Capital Formation in a Global Perspective, 1820-2000

Dietrich Vollrath (University of Houston)

Tomas Cvrcek (Clemson University)

Miroslav Zajicek (University of Economics in Prague)

School, What is it Good For? Schooling and Human Capital Investment in the 19th century Habsburg Empire

Alexander Klein (University of Kent)

Edward Kosack (University of Colorado Boulder)

The Bracero Program and Effects on Human Capital Investments in Mexico, 1942-1964

Graciela Marquez (Colegio de Mexico)




Session 3


Alan Dye (Barnard College)

Wim van Lent (ESSEC Business School)

Local Elites versus Dominant Shareholders: 200 Years of Dividend Policy at the Dutch East India Company

Peter Koudijs (Stanford University)

Warren Whatley (University of Michigan)

Morgan Henderson (University of Michigan)

The Impact of Colonialism on African Development: Evidence from the Ethnographic Atlas

Mark Koyama (George Mason University)

Dongwoo Yoo (West Virginia University)

Is the British Colonization Better than that of the French?: A Study of Vanuatu

Elise Huillery (Sciences-Po)

Marlous van Waijenburg (Northwestern University)

Ewout Frankema (Wageningen University)

Endogenous Colonial Institutions: Lessons from Fiscal Capacity Building in British and French Africa, 1880-1940

Claudia Rei (Vanderbilt University)




Session 4

Depression and Recovery

Price Fishback (University of Arizona)

Martha Olney (University of California, Berkeley)

Aaron Pacitti (Siena College)

Goods, Services, and the Pace of Economic Recovery

Chris Hanes (Binghampton University)

Andrew Bossie (City University of New York)

Rethinking the World War II Economy: The Welfare Effects of World War II and the Role of Household Demand in the Postwar Boom

Hugh Rockoff (Rutgers University)

Natacha Postel-Vinay (London School of Economics)

What Caused Chicago Bank Failures in the Great Depression? A Look at the 1920s

Mark Carlson (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)

Martin Uebele (University of Groningen)

Thilo Albers (University of Muenster)

A Monthly International Data Set for the Interwar Period: Taking the Debate to the Next Level

Gabe Mathy (University of California, Davis)




Session 5

Labor Markets

Joyce Burnette (Wabash College)

Sam Allen (Virginia Military Institute)

Price Fishback (University of Arizona)

The Impact of Progressive Era Labor Regulations on the Manufacturing Labor Market 

Carolyn Moehling (Rutgers University)

Jessica Bean (Denison University)

Intergenerational Labor Supply in Interwar London

Susan Wolcott (Binghampton University)

Sumner La Croix (University of Hawaii)

Timothy Halliday (University of Hawaii)

Sons, Daughters, and Labor Supply in Early Twentieth-Century Hawaii

Bishnupriya Gupta (University of Warwick)

Yukiko Abe (Hokkaido University)

Giorgio Brunello (Università degli Studi di Padova)

On the Historical Development of Regional Differences in Women’s Participation in Japan

Joyce Burnette (Wabash College)


Saturday, September 21




Session 6


Anne McCants (MIT)

Johan Fourie (Stellenbosch University)

Market Integration in South Africa Before and After Unification

Jan de Vries (University of California, Berkeley)

Leigh Gardner (London School of Economics)

Was Independence Really Better than Colonial Rule? A Comparative Study of Liberia and Sierra Leone

Ann Carlos (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Alexander Moradi (University of Sussex)

Remi Jedwab (George Washington University)

Edward Kerby (London School of Economics)

Colonial Investments and African Development: Further Evidence from Railroads in Kenya

Rick Hornbeck (Harvard University)




Session 7


Louis Cain (Loyola University Chicago)

Jeremy Atack (Vanderbilt University)

Matthew Jaremski (Colgate University)

Peter Rousseau (Vanderbilt University)

American Banking and the Transportation Revolution Before the Civil War

Peter Temin (MIT)

Kerstin Enflo (Lund University)

Thor Berger (Lund University)

Locomotives of Local Growth: the Short- and Long-Term Impact of Railroads in Sweden

Kris Inwood (University of Guelph)

Ross Knippenberg (University of Colorado at Boulder)

By How Much Did Railroads Conquer the West? 

John Larson (Purdue University)




Session 8

Population and Health

Joerg Baten (University of Tübingen)

Martin Dribe (Lund University)

Hilde Bras (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Marco Breschi (University of Sassari)

Alain Gagnon (University of Montreal)

Danielle Gauvreau (University of Concordia)

Thomas N. Maloney (University of Utah)

Joseph Molitoris (Lund University)

Lucia Pozzi (University of Sassari)

Helene Vezina (University of Quebec at Chicoutimi)

Socioeconomic Status and Fertility: Insights from Historical Transitions in Europe and North America

Michael Haines (Colgate University)

Briggs Depew (University of Arizona)

Griffin Edwards (Southern Utah University)

Alcohol Prohibition and Infant Mortality

Shari Eli (University of Toronto)

Anthony Wray (Northwestern University)

Krzysztof Karbownik (Uppsala University)

Childhood Illness and Occupational Choice in London, 1870-1911

Werner Troesken (University of Pittsburgh)




Session 9

Institutions and Beliefs

Tomothy Guinnane (Yale University)

Jared Rubin (Chapman University)

Avner Greif (Stanford University)

The Reformation, Political Legitimacy and the Origin of the Modern Economy in England

Dan Bogart (University of California, Irvine)

Lee Alston (University of Colorado)

Marcus Melo (Federal University of Pernambuco)

Bernardo Mueller (University of Brasilia)

Beliefs, Leadership and Economic Development: Making the Critical Transition

Shawn Kantor (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Jordi Vidal-Robert (University of Warwick)

The Persistence of the Inquisitorial Mind: Long-Run Effects of the Spanish Inquisition

Warren Anderson (University of Michigan, Dearborn)




Session 10

Industry and Trade

Gianni Toniolo (Duke University and LUISS)

Felip Benguria (University of Virginia)

U.S. Manufacturing during the Great Depression: Evidence from the Biennial Census of Manufactures

John Moore (Walsh College)

Tamas Vonyo (London School of Economics)

The Wartime Origins of the Wirtschaftswunder: The Growth of West German Industry, 1938-1955

Noel Johnson (George Mason University)

Paul Sharp (University of Southern Denmark)

Karl Gunnar Persson (University of Copenhagen)

Winners and Losers from Globalization: Why Both European and US Farmers were Angry in the Grain Invasion Era, 1870-1900

Jules Hugot (Sciernces-Po)




Session 11

Financial Crises

Eugene White (Rutgers University)

Alexander Field (Santa Clara University)

The Savings and Loan Insolvencies in the Shadow of 2007-2023

Jonathan Rose (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)

Moritz Schularick (University of Bonn)

Alan Taylor (University of California, Davis)

Oscar Jorda (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Sovereigns versus Banks: Credit, Crises, and Consequences

Peter Rousseau (Vanderbilt University)

Peter Temin (MIT)

Currency Crises from Andrew Jackson to Angela Merkel

Barry Eichengreen (University of California, Berkeley)






Sunday, September 22




Session 12


Michael Bordo (Rutgers University)

Marc Flandreau (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva)

Governing Global Capital Markets: Collective Action Clauses, Bondholder Committees and the London Stock Exchange in the 19th Century, 1827-1868

Larry Neal (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Veronica Santarosa (University of Michigan)

Pre-Banking Financial Intermediation: Evidence from a Brokerage Law Reform in Eighteenth Century Marseille

Philip Hoffman (Caltech)

Patrick van Horn (New College of Florida)

Haelim Park (U.S. Treasury)

Did the Reserve Requirement Increments of 1936-1937 Reduce Bank Lending?: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Eric Hilt (Wellesley College)




Session 13


Tom Nicholas (Harvard Business School)

James Bessen (Boston University School of Law)

Alessandro Nuvolari (Sant’ Anna School of Advamced Studies, Pisa)

Diffusing New Technology Without Dissipating Rents: Some historical case studies of knowledge sharing

Ross Thomson (University of Vermont)

Leonard Dudley (Université de Montréal)

Necessity's Children? The Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Felipe Valencia Caicedo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Harry Kitsikopoulos (New York University)

The Diffusion of Newcomen Engines, 1700-70: A Revisionist Assessment

Joel Mokyr (Northwestern University)




Session 14

Migration and Inequality

Simone Wegge (College of Staten Island – CUNY)

Marianne Wanamaker (University of Tennessee)

William J. Collins (Vanderbilt University)

The Great Migration in Black and White: Understanding Black-White Differences Using Linked Census Data

John Brown (Clark University)

Yannay Spitzer (Northwestern University)

Ran Abramitzky (Stanford University)

Livio Di Matteo (Lakehead University)

Tops and Bottoms: Wealth Extremes in Late Nineteenth Century Ontario – Where Were the Rich People?

Chris Minns (London School of Economics)




Session 15

Long Run Growth and Living Standards

Sacha Becker (University of Warwick)

Christian Skovsgard (University of Southern Denmark)

Thomas Andersen (University of Southern Denmark)

Peter Jensen (University of Southern Denmark)

The Heavy Plough and the European Agricultural Revolution of the Middle Ages

Eona Karakacilli (University of Western Ontario)

Guido Alfani (Bocconi University)

Economic Inequality in Northwestern Italy: A Long-term View (Fourteenth to Eighteenth Centuries)

Peter Lindert (University of California, Davis)

Mauricio Drelichman (University of British Columbia)

David Gonzalez Agudo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Housing and the Cost of Living in Early Modern Toledo, 1489-1650

Regina Grafe (Northwestern University)