Sunday, 8:30 AM – 10:00



Session #12: The State for War and Growth

Chair:  Kris Mitchener, Santa Clara University


Nicola Gennaioli (UPF) and Hans-Joachim Voth (UPF), “State Capacity and Military Conflict”


Mark Dincecco (IMT-Lucca Institute for Advanced Studies), “State Capacity and Long-Run Performance”


Gregg Huff (University of Oxford), “Financing Japan’s World War II Occupation of Southeast Asia”



Larry Neal, University of Illinois (Voth)

Tuan-Hwe Sng, National University of Singapore (Dincecco)

Noel Maurer, Harvard Business School (Huff)



Session #13: Economic Growth in the Colonies

Chair: William Collins, Vanderbilt University


Alberto Diaz-Cayeros (UCSD) and Saumitra Jha (Stanford University), "Global Trade, Contract Failure, and Ethnic Assimilation: Cochineal in Mexico"


Stephen Broadberry (London School of Economics) and Bishnypriya Gupta (University of Warwick), “India and the Great Divergence: An Anglo-Indian Comparison of GDP per Capita, 1600-1871”


Susan Wolcott (Binghamton University), “Evidence of Labor Bargaining Power among Indian Industrial Workers in the Early 20th Century”



William Collins, Vanderbilt University (Diaz-Cayeros and Jha)

Greg Clark, UC-Davis (Broadberry-Gupta)

Peter Lindert, UC-Davis (Wolcott)



Sunday, 10:30 AM – Noon


Session #14:  Innovation and Institutions

Chair:  Mauricio Drelichman, UBC


Regina Grafe (Northwestern University), “Distant Tyranny: Why Spain Fell Behind in the Early Modern Period”


Timothy Guinnane (Yale University) and Jean-Laurent Rosenthal (Cal-Tech), “Adapting Law to Fit the Facts: The Gmbh, the SARL, and the Organization of Small Firms in Germany and France, 1892-1930”


Peter B. Meyer (Bureau of Labor Statistics), “Open Technology and the Early Airplane Industry”



Jordi-Vidal Robert, University of Warwick (Grafe)

Gary Libecap, UC Santa Barbara (Guinnane-Rosenthal)

Alex Field, Santa Clara University (Meyer)



Session #15: Markets and Market Integration

Chair: Brooks Kaiser, University of Southern Denmark


Darrell J. Glaser (United States Naval Academy) and Ahmed Rahman (United States Naval Academy), “Ex Tridens Mercatus – Sea Power and Trade in the Age of Globalization”


Philip Slavin (McGill University), “Grain Market Failure, Hoarding, and Speculation: New Evidence on the Great European Famine in England and Wales, 1315-17”


Liam Brunt (HEC-Lausanne) and Edmund Cannon (University of Bristol), “Integration in the English Wheat Market, 1770-1820”



Claudia Rei, Vanderbilt University (Rahman)

Anne McCants, MIT (Slavin)

Paul Sharp, University of Southern Denmark (Cannon)