Paper Presenters:

Graduate students who are accepted to present a paper in the regular program are eligible for the same benefits as those who are selected for the poster session (see below for details).


Poster Session:

This session, presented during two days of the conference in the general meeting areas, is intended for disseminating preliminary results from graduate thesis work. Those accepted receive the following support:

·         Travel subsidies up to $500 for domestic flights or train fare, up to $800 for international flights.

·         Complimentary hotel rooms (double occupancy, shared with another graduate student) for up to 3 nights.

·         60 percent discount on the registration fee

·         80 percent discount on the Saturday Presidential Banquet

·         Free dinner with other graduate students and faculty mentors on Friday night.



Graduate students who have presented a poster are eligible for the dissertation session in a subsequent year, but may present a poster session only once during their graduate career.  If a student applies both for the dissertation session and to present a poster, and the student is accepted to be part of the dissertation session, a prior invitation to present a poster that year will be withdrawn.  Participating in the poster session does not preclude submitting a paper and having it accepted for the regular program the following year.


Graduate Students Interested in Attending without a Poster or a Paper:

Graduate students interested in attending the annual meeting but not participating in the poster session are eligible, depending on funding availability, for up to three nights' complimentary hotel room (double occupancy, shared with another graduate student); discounts on registration and the banquet; and the Friday dinner. Travel expenses will not be covered. Send requests to the Meetings Coordinator (Dr. Jari Eloranta, Applicants must be members of the Association and applicants should include proof of their graduate student status (i.e., their advisor's name and contact details). Deadline: July 6, 2012. Awards announced by July 27, 2012.  


Practical Details on the Poster:

To ease travel complications, we will provide the poster board. We intend to purchase Hunt Sturdy BoardTM QuickStick(c) Foamboard 20" x 30", White, (Office Max Item #11067061) OR something very similar. It claims to have "pressure sensitive adhesive." Just in case, we will also bring tacks and tape.


As you prepare your poster please remember that "Less is More." Think of your poster as an advertisement of your paper, not as the paper itself. Your goal is to engage people in conversation and encourage them to take a copy of your paper home with them. Those who are looking at a poster want to quickly know what question you are asking, why that is an interesting question and what answer you propose. You want people to be able to see everything on your poster from a comfortable distance. That means you will want to large font (minimum 12 pt.). And remember, a picture is worth a thousand words: graphs tell a story much more effectively than words. Is there a graph that captures the puzzle addressed in your paper?


You will want to bring along approximately 25 copies of your paper which interested people can take with them. Be sure to include your name, your affiliation, email address, and a date on your title page. If you have business cards, bring those too.


The posters will be displayed in the foyer where our coffee breaks are held. This will give you maximum exposure in a minimum amount of time. There will be designated times when the poster presenters are asked to be with their posters, namely Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.


Dissertation Awards:

The Nevins and Gerschenkron prize are awarded annually for the best dissertations on North-American and non-North American topics completed during the previous year. Six finalists, three for each award, will be chosen to present dissertation summaries  at the Seventy First Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association in Vancouver, British Columbia in September 2012 Finalists will receive $500 to defray travel expenses. Award recipients receive a cash prize of $1,200. 


Scholars submitting a dissertation may not in the same year submit a proposal to the general program that is part of or derived from the dissertation.  On an exception basis the Association will allow a two year window following thesis completion for submission.


Allan Nevins Prize

The Allan Nevins Prize is awarded on behalf of Columbia University Press for the best dissertation in U.S. or Canadian Economic History published during the preceding year.


DEADLINE FOR POSTMARKED ENTRIES: May 15, 2012. THEREFORE, the deadline has passed!


Please send submitted dissertations to:


Professor Naomi Lamoreaux

Department of Economics

Box 208269

Yale University

New Haven, CT 06520-8269




Alexander Gerschenkron Prize

The Alexander Gerschenkron Prize is awarded for the best dissertation in the economic history of an area outside of the United States or Canada published during the preceding year.


DEADLINE FOR POSTMARKED ENTRIES: May 15, 2012. Therefore, the deadline has passed!


Please send submitted dissertations to:

Professor Joachim Voth

Economics Department


Ramon Trias Fargas 25-27

E-08005 Barcelona




ELIGIBILITY:  Those who received their Ph.D. between June 1, 2011 and May 15, 2012 are eligible and invited to submit their dissertation.  You must be a member of the Economic History Association to submit and the dissertation must be in English.  Planned attendance at the meeting is required for submitting an application, and presentation of a summary is required for a prize.  To be considered for either of these prizes, completed dissertations must be submitted in hard copy on or before May 15, 2012.  Notices of acceptance or rejection will be sent by July 23, 2012.  Dissertations will not be returned unless you send a self addressed envelope with your submission.