Friday 1-2:30 PM


Session #1: The Historical Evolution of Trade and Transport Costs

Chair: Stephen Easton, Simon Fraser University


Brandon Dupont (Western Washington University), Drew Keeling (University of Zurich), and Thomas Weiss (University of Kansas), “Passenger Fares for Overseas Travel in the 19th and 20th Centuries”


Kris Inwood (University of Guelph) and Ian Keay (Queen’s University), “Reaffirming the Importance of Transport Costs:  Evidence from the Trans-Atlantic Iron Trade, 1870-1913”


Adrian Leonard (University of Cambridge), “The Pricing Revolution in Marine Insurance”



Simone Wegge, College of Staten Island (Dupont-Keeling-Weiss)

Noam Yuchtman, UC Berkeley (Inwood-Keay)

Eric Hilt, Wellesley College (Leonard)


Session #2:  Cities in Economic History

Chair:  John Brown, Clark University


Jim Siodla (University of California, Irvine), “Razing San Francisco: The 1906 Disaster and the Legacy of Urban Land Use”


Martha J. Bailey (University of Michigan), Brian Jacob (University of Michigan), Michael Kevane (Santa Clara University) and William Sundstrom (Santa Clara University), “Carnegie’s Legacy and the Growth of American Cities: Did Public Libraries Have Any Measurable Effects?”


Molly C. Ball (University of California, Los Angeles), “Real Wage Evolution in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1891-1930)"



Rick Hornbeck, Harvard University (Siodla)

Trevon Logan, Ohio State (Bailey-Jacob-Kavane-Sundstrom)

Robert A. Margo, Boston University (Ball)



Friday, 3-5 PM


Session #3:  Central Banks for Liquidity and Other Purposes

Chair: Eugene White, Rutgers University and NBER


Vincent Bignon (Bank of France) and Clemens Jobst (Austrian National Bank), “Eligibility to Central Bank Liquidity and the Bankruptcy Rate: Lessons from France, 1826-1913”


Mary Eschelbach Hansen (American University), “Financial System Liquidity and Bankruptcy: Mississippi, 1929-1931”


Eric Monnet (Paris School of Economics), “Financing a Planned Economy: Institutions, Information Network, and Credit Allocation in the French Golden Age of Growth, 1954-1974”


Robert N. McCauley (Bank for International Settlements) and Catherine R. Schenk (University of Glasgow), “How is the Substitute Account doing”



Phillip Hoffman, Cal-Tech (Clemens-Vincent)

Hugh Rockoff, Rutgers (Hansen)

Daniel Fetter, Wellesley College (Monnet)

Gianni Toniolo, Duke University (Schenk)


Session #4:  Railroads and Economic Development

Chair:  Barry Eichengreen, UC-Berkeley


Dave Donaldson (MIT) and Richard Hornbeck (Harvard University), “Railroads and American Economic Growth: New Data and Theory”


Daniel Bogart (University of California, Irvine) and Latika Chaudhary (Scripps College), “Engines of Growth: The Productivity Advance of Indian Railways, 1874-1912”


Se Yan (Peking University), “Railroads and Market Integration in China”


Marta Felis-Rota (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), Jordi Marti Hennenberg (Universitat de Lleida), and Laia Mojica (Universitat de Lleida) “A GIS Analysis of the Evolution of the Railway Network and Population Density in England and Wales, 1851-2000”



Jeremy Atack, Vanderbilt University (Donaldson-Hornbeck)

Saumitra Jha, Stanford (Bogart-Chaudhary)

Carol Shiue, University of Colorado (Yan)

Michael Haines, Colgate University (Rota-Hennenberg-Mojica)


Session #5: Births and Deaths

Chair:  Leah Boustan, UCLA



Melinda Miller (U.S. Naval Academy), “The Validity of the Boas Cherokee Height Data”

Daniel Aaronson (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), Fabian Lange (Yale University), and Bhashkar Mazumder (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), "Fertility Transitions Along the Intensive and Extensive Margins"


Francesco Cinnirella (IFO Institute and CESifo, Munich), Marc P. Klemp (University of Copenhagen), and Jacob Weisdorf (University of Copenhagen), “Malthus in the Bedroom: Birth Spacing as a Preventive Check Mechanism in England, 1540-1870”


Martin Saavedra (University of Pittsburgh), “Early Life Conditions and Adult Outcomes: Evidence from Japanese-American Internment”



Roy Mill, Stanford University (Miller) 

Melissa Thomasson, Ohio University (Aronson-Lange-Mazumder)

Rick Steckel, Ohio State University (Cinnerella-Klemp-Weisdorf)

Carl Mosk, University of Victoria (Saavedra)