SUNDAY, September 26
Session 5: 8:30-10:00 a.m.
A. Banking and Finance: European Perspectives
Hinman Auditorium, 9th Floor
Jan Annaert, Frans Buelens, and Marc Deloof (University of Antwerp),Are Stocks Always Good in the Long Run? Evidence from Belgium 1838-2008.
Carsten Burhop (University of Cologne) and David Chambers (University of Cambridge), The Value of Regulation and Reputation: Going Public in London and Berlin, 1900-1913.
Richard S. Grossman and Masami Imai (Wesleyan University), Contingent Capital and Disorderly Deleveraging: Evidence from British Banking Experience in the Prewar Era.
B. Raising and Spending the Public’s Money
James, 9th Floor
Latika Chaudary (Scripps College), Aldo Musacchio (Harvard Business School), Steven Nafziger (Williams College), and Se Yan (Peking University),Big BRICs, Weak Foundations: The Beginning of Public Elementary Education in Brazil, Russia, India, and China, 1880-1920.
Mark Dincecco (IMT Lucca Institute for Advanced Studies), Giovanni Federico (European University Institute and University of Pisa) and Andrea Vindigni (Princeton University), Warfare and Taxation in Pre-Industrial Europe: Evidence from the Italian Risorgimento.
Oscar Gelderblom and Joost Jonker (University of Utrecht), One System, Seventeen Outcomes? Exploring Public Finance Policies and Outcomes in the Low Countries, 1514-1795.
Session 6: 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
A. Health and Human Capital
Hinman Auditorium, 9th Floor
Brian Bettenhausen, Joseph Burton, Louis Cain and Robert Fogel (University of Chicago), Was What Ail’d Ya’ What Kill’d Ya’?
Christina Gathmann and Steffen Reinhold (University of Mannheim), Do Electoral Systems Affect your Health? Evidence from the Epidemiological Transition.
Darrell J. Glaser and Ahmed S. Rahman (United States Naval Academy), Skilled Labor Mobility During the Second Industrial Revolution.
B. When Bonds Go Bad
James, 9th Floor
Stéphanie Collet (Université Libre de Bruxelles), How Big is the Financial Penalty for Dictators? The Case of Cuban Bonds.
Chun-Yu Ho (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Dan Li (Fudan University), A Mirror of History: The Chinese Bond Market from 1921 to 1942.
Leonardo Weller (London School of Economics), What is Worst, Trade Crisis or Revolution? Foreign Creditors, Sovereign Debt and Bailouts in Brazil and Mexico, 1912-14.