SATURDAY, September 25
Session 3: 8:30-10:00 a.m.
A. Information: The Good, the Bad, and the Made-up
James, 9th Floor
Vincent Bignon and Marc Flandreau (Graduate Institute, Geneva), Defamation, Racketeering and the French Financial Press Before World War I.
Jeremiah Dittmar (American University),Information Technology and Economic Change: The Impact of the Printing Press.
Peter Koudijs (Universitat Pompeu Fabra),The Boats that Did not Sail: Evidence on the Sources of Asset Price Volatility from an 18th Century Natural Experiment.
B. The Economic History of Policy Interventions in the United States
Northshore, 2nd Floor
Daniel Aaronson and Bhashkar Mazumder (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), The Impact of Rosenwald Schools on Black Student Achievement.
Rob Gillezeau (University of Michigan),Did the War on Poverty Cause Race Riots?
Gray Kimbrough (University of North Carolina, Greensboro), “The Educational Legacy of the Greatest Generation: Veteran Status and Children's Educational Attainment.” 
C. The Economic Implications of Identity
Hinman Auditorium, 9th Floor
Ying Bai and James Kai-sing Kung (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Religion or Knowledge Diffusion: A Protestant Economic History of China, 1840-1920.
Henning Hillmann and Brandy L. Aven (Stanford University), Fragmented Networks and Entrepreneurship in Late Imperial Russia.
Jacob Metzer (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Self-employment in Jewish Communities: A Comparative Examination Across Time and Places.
Session 4: 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
A. The Legal Framework of Economic Life
James, 9th Floor
Ann M. Carlos and Jennifer Lamping (University of Colorado, Boulder),Bankruptcy and the Rights of Debtors in Eighteenth Century England.
Carola Frydman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  and Eric Hilt (Wellesley College), Predators or Watchdogs? Bankers on Corporate Boards in the Era of Finance Capitalism.
Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur (EHESS-PSE), Amir Rezaee (Université d’Orléans-EDHEC) and Angelo Riva (EGS-IDHE Paris Ouest), How to Regulate a Financial Market? The Impact of the 1893-1898 Regulatory Reforms on the Paris Bourse.
B. Natural Resources
Northshore, 2nd Floor
Alan Dye (Barnard College, Columbia University) and Sumner J. La Croix (University of Hawaii-Manoa), The Political Economy of Land Privatization in Argentina and Australia, 1810-1856.
Richard Hornbeck and Pinar Keskin (Harvard University), Farming the Ogallala Aquifer: Short and Long-run Impacts of Groundwater Access.
Ian Keay (Queen’s University, Ontario),The Impact of Commodity Price Volatility on Resource Intensive Economies.
C. When People Move
Hinman Auditorium, 9th Floor
Johan Fourie (Stellenbosch University, Utrecht University) and Dieter von Fintel (Stellenbosch University),Settler Skills and Colonial Development.
Erik Hornung (University of Munich),Immigration and the Diffusion of Technology: The Huguenot Diaspora in Prussia.
Trevon D. Logan (Ohio State University) and Paul W. Rhode (University of Michigan), Moveable Feasts: A New Approach to Endogenizing Tastes.