Hotel Information

The conference is hotel is the Renaissance Downtown Hotel located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio.

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The conference rate for EHA attendees is $149 per night. The reservation details will be added here shortly.

Economic History Association 2014 Annual Meeting


Political Economy and Economic History

Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association, in Columbus, Ohio, September 12-14, 2014

Politics has a massive impact on economic outcomes.  States redistribute wealth, make up for market failures, and enact policies that can devastate an economy or promote long run growth.  They also provide the essential public goods of security, the rule of law, and a means of exchange.  Without these, life is brutal and trade little more than barter.  But what determines the laws and regulations that states adopt and the public goods they furnish?  How do states arise in the first place and gain the capacity to tax?  What shapes the changes in their policies and their expenditures over time?  Can we distinguish the political incentives that encourage good policies rather than tragic ones?  Do the answers lie with endowments, the distribution of wealth, or deeply rooted institutions?  Or are they to be sought in culture and the guiding hand of history?


For the complete Call for Papers, see:, which also includes information on travel options to Columbus; or contact Meetings Coordinator Jari Eloranta at NOTE! Deadline for submitting proposals has ended!

Book Exhibit

The EHA book exhibit showcases the various publications (books, journals etc.) in the field of economic history, economics, history, and political science, with top academic and scholarly presses included.

Details on the exhibit, i.e. how to participate, can be found in the following documents:

Annual Meeting Book Exhibit form 1

Books to be Exhibited form

exhibitor letter of invitation

Those attending the conference; please encourage your publishers to display your work at the meetings. It’s a great way to get a wider scholarly audience for your publications. Usually about 250+ people attend the meetings. And the proceeds help us support the participation of graduate students at the conference.