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Forthcoming Book Reviews in Economic History

Updated: January 5, 2016

Author: Suchit Arora
Title:  The Transitions of Aging
Publisher: Springer

Author: Robert J. Barro and Jong-Wha Lee
Title:  Education Matters: Global Schooling Gains from the 19th to the 21st Centuries
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Author: Stuart John Barton
Title:  Policy Signals and Market Responses: A 50-Year History of Zambia’s Relationship with Foreign Capital
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Authors: Jean-Michel Chevet and Gerard Beaur, editors
Title: Measuring Agricultural Growth: Land and Labour Productivity in Western Europe from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century (England, France and Spain)
Publisher: Brepols

Author: Blake C. Clayton
Title: Market Madness: A Century of Oil Panics, Crises, and Crashes
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Author: Sergio Cremaschi
Title: Utilitarianism and Malthus’s Virtue Ethics: Respectable, Virtuous and Happy
Publisher: Routledge

Authors:  Declan Curran, Lubomyr Luciuk, and Andrew Newby, editors
Title:  Famines in European Economic History: The Last Great European Famines Reconsidered
Publisher:  Routledge

Authors: Claude Diebolt and Michael Haupert, editors
Title:  Handbook of Cliometrics
Publisher: Springer

Author: Allen Dieterich-Ward
Title:  Beyond Rust: Metropolitan Pittsburgh and the Fate of Industrial America
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

Author: Barry Eichengreen
Title:  Hall of Mirrors: The Great Depression, the Great Recession, and the Uses and Misuses of History
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Author: Philip Hoffman
Title:  Why Did Europe Conquer the World?
Publisher: Princeton University Press

Authors: Rebecca Kobrin and Adam Teller, editors
Title:  Purchasing Power: The Economics of Modern Jewish History
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

Author: Yanni Kotsonis
Title: States of Obligation: Taxes and Citizenship in the Russian Empire and Early Soviet Republic
Publisher: University of Toronto Press

Author: Roger Lowenstein
Title:  America’s Bank: The Epic Struggle to Create the Federal Reserve
Publisher: Penguin

Author: Edward Morris
Title:  Wall Streeters: The Creators and Corruptors of American Finance
Publisher: Columbia Business School Press

Author:  Yoshiko Nagano
Title:  State and Finance in the Philippines, 1898-1941
Publisher: NUS Press

Author: Phillip G. Payne
Title:  Crash: How the Economic Boom and Bust of the 1920s Worked
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

Author: Chad Pearson
Title:  Reform or Repression: Organizing America’s Anti-Union Movement
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

Author: Vincent J. Pitts
Title:  Embezzlement and High Treason in Louis XIV’s France: The Trial of Nicolas Fouquet
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

Author: Andre Schlueter
Title:  Institutions and Small Settler Economies: A Comparative Study of New Zealand and Uruguay, 1870-2008
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Author: Rebecca L. Spang
Title: Stuff and Money in the Time of the French Revolution
Publisher: Harvard University Press

Author: William R. Summerhill
Title:  Inglorious Revolution: Political Institutions, Sovereign Debt, and Financial Underdevelopment in Imperial Brazil
Publisher: Yale University Press

Author: Scott Sumner
Title:  The Midas Paradox: Financial Markets, Government Policy Shocks, and the Great Depression
Publisher: Independent Institute

Author: David George Surdam
Title:  Century of the Leisured Masses: Entertainment and the Transformation of Twentieth-Century America
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Author: Ali Coskun Tuncer
Title:  Sovereign Debt and International Financial Control: The Middle East and the Balkans, 1870-1914
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Author: Remi Van Schaik, editor
Title:  Economies, Public Finances and the Impact of Institutional Changes in Interregional Perspective: The Low Countries and Neighbouring German Territories (14th-17th Centuries)
Publisher: Brepols

Authors:  R.J. Van der Spek, Jan Luiten van Zanden, and e.S. van Leeuwen, editors
Title:  A History of Market Performance: From Ancient Babylonia to the Modern World
Publisher:  Routledge

Author: John H. Wood
Title:  Central Banking in a Democracy: The Federal Reserve and its Alternatives
Publisher: Routledge

Author: Alexia M. Yates
Title:  Selling Paris: Property and Commercial Culture in the Fin-de-Siecle Capital
Publisher: Harvard University Press