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Forthcoming Book Reviews in Economic History

Updated: July 31, 2018

Author: Mark Aldrich
Title: Back on Track: American Railroad Accidents and Safety, 2965-2015
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

Author: Tariq Omar Ali
Title: A Local History of Global Capital: Jute and Peasant Life in the Bengal Delta
Publisher: Princeton University Press

Authors: Kym Anderson and Vicente Pinilla, editors
Title: Wine Globalization: A New Comparative History
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Author: Vincent Barnett, editor
Title: Routledge Handbook of the History of Global Economic Thought
Publisher: Routledge

Authors: Hartmut Berghoff and Adam Rome, editors
Title: Green Capitalism: Business and the Environment in the Twentieth Century
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

Author: Joseph R. Cammarosano
Title: The Development of Economic Thought: An Overview
Publisher: Lexington Books

Author: Eberhard Crailsheim
Title: The Spanish Connection: French and Flemish Merchant Networks in Seville (1570-1650)
Publisher: Böhlau Verlag, Koln

Author: Martin Doyle
Title: The Source: How Rivers Made America and America Remade Its Rivers
Publisher: Norton

Author: Sebastian Edwards
Title: American Default: The Untold Story of FDR, the Supreme Court, and the Battle over Gold
Publisher: Princeton University Press

Author: Wantje Fritsch
Title: Public Finance in the Dutch Republic in Comparative Perspective: The Viability of an Early Modern Federal State (1570s-1795)
Publisher: Brill

Author: Carl-Henry Geschwind
Title: A Comparative History of Motor Fuels Taxation, 1909-2009: Why Gasoline is Cheap and Petrol is Dear
Publisher: Lexington

Author: Charles Griswold
Title: Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith: A Philosophical Encounter
Publisher: Routledge

Author: Anne G. Hanley
Title: The Public Good and the Brazilian State: Municipal Finance and Public Services in Sao Paul, 1822-1930
Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Author: Eric Jones
Title: Landed Estates and Rural Inequality in English History: From the Mid-Seventeenth Century to the Present
Publisher: Springer

Author: Steven L. Kaplan
Title: The Stakes of Regulation: Perspectives on Bread, Politics and Political Economy Forty Years Later
Publisher: Anthem Press

Author: Tapio S. Katko
Title: Finnish Water Services: Experiences in Global Perspective
Publisher: Finnish Water Utilities Association

Author: Harry Kitsikopoulos
Title: Innovation and Technological Diffusion: An Economic History of Early Steam Engines
Publisher: Routledge

Authors: Christopher Kobrak and Joe Martin
Title: From Wall Street to Bay Street: The Origins and Evolution of American and Canadian Finance
Publisher: University of Toronto Press

Author: Josh Lauer
Title: Creditworthy: A History of Consumer Surveillance and Financial Identity in America
Publisher: Columbia University Press

Author: Grant Madsen
Title: Sovereign Soldiers: How the U.S. Military Transformed the Global Economy after World War II
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

Author: J.G. Manning
Title: The Open Sea: The Economic Life of the Ancient Mediterranean World from the Iron Age to the Rise of Rome
Publisher: Princeton University Press

Author: James B. McSwain
Title: Petroleum and Public Safety: Risk Management in the Gulf South, 1901-2015
Publisher: Louisiana State University Press

Authors: Maria Pia Paganelli, Dennis C. Rasmussen and Craig Smith, editors
Title: Adam Smith and Rousseau: Ethics, Politics, Economics
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

Authors: Daniel M.G. Raff and Philip Scranton, editors
Title: The Emergence of Routines: Entrepreneurship, Organization, and Business History
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Author: Gautham Rao
Title: National Duties: Custom Houses and the Making of the American State
Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Author: Jonathan Rees
Title: Before the Refrigerator: How We Used to Get Ice
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

Authors: Hugh Rockoff and Isao Suto, editors
Title: Coping with Financial Crises: Some Lessons from Economic History
Publisher: Springer

Author: Tim Rogan
Title: R.H. Tawney, Karl Polanyi, E.P. Thompson, and the Critique of Capitalism
Publisher: Princeton University Press

Author: Walter Scheidel
Title: The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-first Century
Publisher: Princeton University Press

Author: Simone Selva
Title: Before the Neoliberal Turn: The Rise of Energy Finance and the Limits to U.S. Foreign Economic Policy
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Authors: David George Surdam and Michael J. Haupert
Title: The Age of Ruth and Landis: The Economics of Baseball during the Roaring Twenties
Publisher: University of Nebraska Press

Authors: Richard Sylla and David J. Cowen
Title: Alexander Hamilton on Finance, Credit and Debt
Publisher: Columbia University Press

Author: David Vermette
Title: A Distinct Alien Race: The Untold Story of Franco-Americans, Industrialization, Immigration and Religious Strife
Publisher: Baraka Books

Author: David Vogel
Title: California Greenin: How the Golden State Became and Environmental Leader
Publisher: Princeton University Press